Which banks are supported by Snoop?

Hi everyone

Here’s an update on the Banks that can be connected to Snoop today, and an idea on which are coming soon. :bank:

Today we can support accounts with the following providers:

  1. Barclays (Personal Banking)
  2. HSBC (Personal Banking - Credit Cards & Savings added 25th August)
  3. Lloyds (Personal Banking)
  4. NatWest
  5. RBS
  6. Monzo
  7. Nationwide
  8. Santander
  9. Ulster Bank
  10. Capital One
  11. Tesco Bank
  12. Bank of Ireland
  13. Revolut
  14. TSB
  15. Barclaycard
  16. Bank of Scotland (Personal Banking)
  17. MBNA
  18. Danske (Personal Banking)
  19. First Direct (Credit Cards & Savings added 25th August)
  20. Halifax
  21. M&S Bank (Credit Cards & Savings added 25th August)
  22. Clydesdale Bank (Added March 3rd)
  23. Yorkshire Bank (Added March 3rd)
  24. Cahoot (Added March 19th)
  25. Virgin Money Credit Cards and Savings Accounts (Added March 30th)
  26. Virgin Money Current Accounts (Added March 30th)
  27. B (Added March 30th)
  28. American Express (Added May 29th)
  29. One Account (Added May 29th)
  30. Virgin One Account (Added May 29th)
  31. NatWest One Account (Added May 29th)
  32. Starling (Added June 30th)
  33. NewDay - Amazon Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  34. NewDay - Aqua Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  35. NewDay - Marbles Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  36. NewDay - Opus Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  37. NewDay - Fluid Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  38. NewDay - TUI Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  39. NewDay - Debenhams Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  40. NewDay - House of Fraser Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  41. NewDay - Laura Ashley Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  42. NewDay - Burton Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  43. NewDay - Dorothy Perkins Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  44. NewDay - Miss Selfridge Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  45. NewDay - Outfit Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  46. NewDay - Topman Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  47. NewDay - Wallis Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  48. NewDay - Argos Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  49. NewDay - Evans Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  50. NewDay - Topshop Credit Card (Added September 3rd)
  51. Vanquis Bank - Credit Cards (Added October 16th)
  52. Sainsbury Bank (Added November 4th)
  53. Coutts (Added December 10th)
  54. Creation Credit Card (Added December 10th)
  55. IHG Rewards Credit Card (Added December 10th)
  56. Maximiles Credit Card (Added December 10th)
  57. Selfridges Credit Card (Added December 10th)
  58. M&Co Credit Card (Added December 10th)

Our strategy is to only use secure technical interfaces (Open Banking APIs) to connect with accounts. As soon as banks enable these interfaces and we’ve proven they are stable, we will be looking to make them available in Snoop as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions about coverage, please feel free to post below :+1:


Hi everyone - just so you know we’ve temporarily switched off Barclaycard as an available account provider. We had a few issues with some of the transactions our first few customers had on these accounts.

For some reason, the transactions for this account like quite different to all our other banks! :man_shrugging:

We are working on a fix right now and this will soon be back available for selection.


Some news from HSBC today:

  • HSBC & First Direct Savings Accounts have just become accessible via Open Banking. As with any new account provider or product, we have to make various changes to receive this information in Snoop. We will hope to have that available to you all soon!

  • HSBC, First Direct & M&S Credit Cards will all be available, but not until 31st March. Again, we will look to make these available within Snoop as quickly as possible after that date.

I will update further if anything changes between now and then :slightly_smiling_face:

You say Barclays is covered but ping it accounts don’t seem to be. Is that in your road map

Hi there - we haven’t had any Pingit accounts connected yet in Snoop, but according to Barclays those account types should be supported without us needing to do anything additional. This is the accounts they support:

We may be missing something though and we can certainly investigate further.

May I ask did you try to access this account but you were presented with an error?

Not sure if it’s possible due to the ability to hold multiple currencies, but could we look at maybe adding TransferWise please?

I use this heavily as I’m always between UK & Sweden!

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Hi Ryan,

thanks for more great feedback!

Right now we only support GBP accounts (although there are a few examples with Revolut that we show Euro and USD balances on the homescreen).

Transferwise isn’t currently on our list but we’ll let you know if that changes.


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I too have a TransferWise Account and I think it would be a great addition in time, it’s quite a popular account

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Hi - we will certainly add TransferWise to the list to look at in future. Thanks for the feedback!

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Sainsbury’s Credit Card would be appreciated, all my joint household expenses with the exception of direct debits / bills go through this account.


Thanks for the vote for Sainsbury’s @FuzzyBug

They’ve only recently become available for us to connect to via their open banking APIs following a big outage over Christmas, so they’re definitely on our list and we’ll get to them asap.

We’ll keep you posted in this thread. But also, as we add new banks and providers to Snoop we’ll email all customers to let them know.

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I am a customer of Metro Bank and would really appreciate if you add them. Also, another vote for TransferWise.

And finally, what about Amazon Cards?

@fordprefect thanks for letting us know.

We’ll get to Amazon (along with the other New Day cards) plus Metro as soon as we can but, these won’t be in the next few weeks. Once we’ve got a likely timeframe we’ll let you know here :+1:

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Bit of an obscure one…

Handelsbanken. Relatively small player in the UK (apart from London and business I think), but should Snoop expand beyond the shores of GB, having the localised Handelsbanken added would certainly help with adding its Scandinavian counterpart.

As I said, appreciate it’s a small time player but something to look at further down the line perhaps, once all the more pressing banks are added.

Thanks @ryev. We will make sure these are on our longer list.

As you say, they are probably not a high priority right now, but always good to have a list we want to get to eventually.

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Sounds like my todo list. Never gets shorter, only longer.

Cheers @paul_k!


@paul_k For info only Clydesdale now owns Virgin Money and so trade by that name too.

Hi @Fintechguy - yes a few of the Snoop team have a bit of history with VM (many of us worked there for a long time :blush:).

It’s quite a complicated position as the new enlarged bank has a range of products and customers that have already been rebranded as VM, but many which haven’t yet. There is also the ‘old’ VM products which are on separate systems etc (which means different methods for connecting with the older accounts).

So we are just working out the best way to present the different options in our app to make it as clear as possible. Our old friends at VM are helping us with this and we hope to have some of these products available quite soon.

Watch this space!


Hi @paul_k just seen your email the tesco to be removed is the first one £1

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