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Any news on when/if Chase bank will offer Open Banking?


Hi @Hitesh apologies I missed this post before so sorry for the slow response.

I’m afraid Chase are not currently providing any API that apps like Snoop can connect with. In order to be compliant, they are offering something called a ‘Modified Customer Interface’ which basically is a type of ‘screen scraping’ and is not something we can support.

We hope they change their mind on this and fall in line with their competitors and provide this valuable service for their customers. It is only Co-Op, Metro and now Chase of the main current account providers who operate this way without making an API available. We believe that Co-Op and Metro are likely to change this soon, but we’ve not heard anything about Chase (who are obviously still quite new to the UK market).



Thanks for the update. Fully understand re. mci - it’s not great. I expect all banks will have to follow APIs soon enough given the FCA ruling recently announced. Hopefully come round sooner!

Following their recent push for business and recognition/promotion by Martin Lewis, I guess many will open an account. I certainly have. Not linking to Snoop will be a big issue for me. In fact it’s a bit of a show stopper.


Hi @rnzz99 yes we certainly understand that and we’ve had lots of contact about Chase since they started their promotions. We totally understand why people would want to open accounts with Chase at the moment and then get access to those accounts in Snoop.

Sadly for us though - if the bank doesn’t offer APIs we can’t make their accounts available in the app. Out of all the main current account providers in the UK, As mentioned further up the thread, it is only Coop, Metro and now Chase who don’t offer these APIs. Therefore we really hope those three fall in line with all of their competitors as we obviously believe having access to your data outside of the bank’s app is an important feature that all banks should offer.

If the customers of those banks keep demanding it of them - I really hope they will eventually deliver this. So I’d urge anyone who has a chase account to let them know this feature is important to you.

We’ve spotted some customers asking Chase about this in public channels and based on their response, we hope this will come soon. This was a reply on Twitter they posted:

At the moment we do not have Open Banking however this is something we are working hard to bring! We understand how important it is for our customer’s to have this option and hopefully won’t be too long before it is available.


I’ve just messaged them from within the new app - I just got my £20 incentive for joining but won’t use it until they adopt open banking as I like snoop too much lol

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Same here, well anoying chase don’t support it

Sadly I had to change my mind - the instant access saving rate of 1.5% plus the 1% cash back offer is too lucrative - so Snoop only accesses my nationwide current account used only for DD/SO’s so a lot of my spend in Snoop is alas missing.

Any update on this?
On Information for Third Party Providers (TPPs) | Chase UK they are saying the the Account Information Services (AIS) “provide you with the details of an individual’s accounts, balances, and transactions”

Hi @Ricky the website is describing Chase’s current capability which is called a ‘Modified Customer Interface’. This is not an API that apps like Snoop use for Open Banking connections. This method relies on you sharing your log-on credentials with us and we log-in on your behalf as if you were using their website. We have no plans to support this method for a number of reasons.

We’ve been in discussions with Chase and they are working on a proper Open Banking API too - but it won’t be ready until Q2 next year at the earliest I’m afraid.



I was wondering if there were any further updates on this? Do you know if Chase are actually actively working in this?

Hi @Rosie yes they are very much working on their APIs. We have regular conversations with them - including a call we had with their Open Banking team earlier this week.

They hope to launch this in the next couple of months and we will be looking to support them as soon as it’s available.


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