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Hi, Emma customers seem to be able to try out the Chase connection already. Any chance we can get the same? :blush:

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Hi @snooperman - our testing strategy is a little different. We test using a number of accounts we have setup at a bank by staff members using a test Snoop app not publicly available. Only once we are happy that everything is working fully with our app, will we put it into our live service.

The good news is that yesterday Chase formally ‘released’ their Open Banking interface (we’ve been testing it for longer - but yesterday they announced publicly it was ready for full access). We are in the final testing stages. We do have some issues still to close off but I hope the launch date is very close now. I will provide the exact date as soon as I am able to.



Hi Team,

Emma just got live with chase open banking
Can you give a timeline for snoop like your services better.
Thank you.


Hi @Jot the update is really the post above.

I can’t give a firm timeline but it will be live as soon as we’ve closed off all remaining issues. We want to get it live as soon as we can, but we only will do this when it’s working the same as all our other banks.


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Hi everyone - just to update you on the latest on Chase…

We’ve had a number of test accounts connected now, such my example below. We are certainly getting close to launching Chase as a connection in Snoop, but I’m afraid we still have some issues that we are working through. These include occasional errors with the connection flow despite using the very latest Chase app (example error shown below) and transactions that sometimes don’t have the description we expect (we know Chase are already working on some fixes in this area). We also need to see all account refreshes working reliably over a few days.

We will be monitoring how our test accounts perform over the weekend and we will continue to close off the issues as quickly as possible next week.

We will only put this live once we confident it’s fully working and we have to be mindful their Open Banking APIs are only a few days old, so some teething issues are to be expected. The good news is that the Chase technical team are very responsive and are working hard to fully deliver Open Banking to their customers.

Thanks for your patience and I will update again when I have more news on our launch plans.



Thanks for the updates @paul_k !!

And also MoneyHub has it ready now

Thanks for the update, Paul. While you may not be able to provide an exact date, updates like these are great so we can follow your journey. I’m too heavily invested in this integration though it will have a tiny impact on my life :rofl:

@paul_k any news on Chase going live?

We continue to make progress. Some of the issues I mention on Friday have been resolved - for example Chase have made changes to income transactions, which look fine now.

The two main issues preventing us from going live are:

  • Reliable regular refreshes : We know other apps are also having this problem so we are not alone here. Further changes are being made overnight today to hopefully resolve this
  • iOS connection errors as per my screenshot above. We are still discussing with Chase why this is happening and what action we can take when that happens

There are also some smaller issues which are not ‘blockers’ from going live but we continue to track.

I will update further asap.

Hi everyone - today’s update is sadly about the same as yesterday.

We still have two blocking issues;

  1. Refreshes are not reliable for us after the initial account connection. It basically requires regular reconnection to make work at the moment. We know this is impacting other apps and services too and we don’t believe this is something that we could go live with.

  2. We are still seeing the connection error screen when opening Chase’s app from Snoop. Even with a very small audience of test accounts we are seeing this frequently, so we can’t go live until this is understood and hopefully fixed by Chase.

Both are being discussed regularly with Chase to try to find a quick resolution. I will update you as soon I have more news.


Saw this on Twitter under Chase Support UK. Chase seem to be distancing themselves from being accessible on Snoop. Possibly an agent who doesn’t know the full strategy but not very good that they’re promoting this on Twitter.

“… As it stands we have no plans to be accessible using Snoop - if this changes, it will be announced on our socials.”

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Just seen the same. Looks like chase and snoop have issues that may not be resolved.

Oh dear, if that’s not true someone needs to have a word with that customer service adviser! I understand Snoop wanting to make sure it works properly before going live as am having to reconnect sometimes more than once a day with Moneyhub and I think the same is happening with Emma. Even though frustrating I do still find it useful being able to see something rather than nothing but if it’s rolled out without any issues then fair play

Hi @Aitchbimb thanks, we had been made aware of this and we are pointing out the message to the Chase team. Sometimes the customer support team are not fully briefed on Open Banking. We do have this type of communication breakdown with banks that have been operating Open Banking for years to be honest - as frustrating as that can be!

@carlosr there are no issues other than the ones I’ve outlined here and what other apps are experiencing. It’s just a customer support agent getting it wrong.

Also @Bongob33 we understand how useful it would be to have this in app even not fully working. We’ve taken a different decision to the apps you mention for a few reasons:

  • The refresh issue we think is a real blocker. It stops our features from working and causes huge customer frustration. We think customers should expect something to work once it’s been made available in our app. Many would assume it’s our app not working properly, when it’s not the case.

  • The ‘error message’ being displayed in the Chase app in the connection flow has been seen by about 20% of our iOS testing. If we scale that out to 10s of thousands of potential chase customers, that has the potential to cause us significant customer support impact. Understandably some customers would again assume we are at fault here (but that can’t be the case for this part of the process).

  • The ‘incorrect transaction descriptions’ (which have been fixed by Chase in the last couple of days) - turning Chase on before that fix would jeopardise the quality of data we manage on behalf of our customers. It would lead to incorrect outcomes in some of our features for example. Basically we only get one chance to import historic transactions for an account, without causing more work for us/our customer if we need to go back and ask them to do it again. We have the same dilemma with Roundup accounts which are being sent over to us as ‘Current Accounts’ when they should be Savings Accounts. Chase are changing this soon. I haven’t included this in our ‘blocking issues’ list as the impacts are smaller to our features.

I hope that explains why we’ve not gone live, but others may have reached a different decision.


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Thanks for taking the time to explain! I do get your decision and also as you said customers would assume it was your issue rather than Chase’s. Hopefully not long before it can be up and running :crossed_fingers:t5:

Good morning. An update on progress.

I’ve just left a call with the Chase team who continue to work hard in getting all services up and running. A fix for the occasional error in the iOS journey (as shared above) has been identified and should be deployed by Chase tomorrow. We will re-test that as soon as it’s available.

Some fixes have also been deployed to our regular refresh process, however it’s now clear there is one aspect that needs some development on our side to make work. Chase are doing things differently to all other UK banks and that requires some bespoke work on our side. We will be doing that work as quickly as possible and I will update further once I have more news.



Hi everyone

Some good news - yesterday Chase made one of the changes we were waiting for and also released their new iOS app (version 2.11 - ‎Chase UK on the App Store) which should fully resolve the occasional error we’ve seen in their connection journey.

We have enabled Chase in our app today and we will monitor how this is working for the rest of this week.

We will send some communications out about this to everyone next week, but in the meantime, if you want to give Chase a try just fire-up Snoop and give it a go? Please do let us know if have any problems?



Good news indeed thanks for the update!


Thanks @paul_k , I’ve just tried via Android and working for me.