Sainsbury Bank - Now Available

Hi everyone - we have now switched-on Sainsbury Bank.



I’ve just connected Snoop to my Sainsburys account. I have the Sainsburys Bank app installed on my Android phone so the set up was very quick and easy. So far, it’s working great. :smiley:


It’s a shame that Sainsbury’s Bank don’t support savings accounts with their API.

Is there any news on them adding support for these, as I’m aware it’s “their fault” and not yours?

Hi @Seb - to be fair to Sainsbury they are are certainly not alone in this.

There is quite a complicated explanation, but basically the Open Banking rules (specifically some regulations called PSD2) have very clear rules about scope for Current Accounts and Credit Cards. The definition of which Savings accounts are in scope are a lot more vague !

Basically the account has to be deemed to be a ‘payment account’. Most banks determine their savings accounts are not within this definition and therefore don’t include them in their Open Banking access.

We hope that as Open Banking continues to gain popularity and customers demand more from their banks, eventually more savings accounts will be opened-up to us.

We are not aware of any specific plans for banks to do this at the moment.


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Hi @paul_k,

Thanks for replying!

I just asked because some banks which weren’t initially offering savings accounts via API (because, as you explain, they were not legally required to as they weren’t “payment accounts”) have added support anyway, taking their own initiative to be helpful to customers. One bank that comes to mind as an example is HSBC.

I have also read a little bit about how Open Banking rules could potentially be expanded to “Open Money” (I forget what they called it exactly) to eventually cover all bank accounts plus pensions and investments. Hopefully that does happen, but I would expect it to be many years away!

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I’m struggling with Sainsburys credit card. The balance is being updated on the app but not transactions have been updated since the 11th Jan so hard to keep track of spending. Why has this stopped working?

Hi @Hmccabe we are not aware of any issues with Sainsburys at the moment.

Would you mind sending us a note from your registered email address to and we will certainly investigate this for you.