Nationwide Savings Accounts

New user here! Loving the app so far, but I am a bit confused. My welcome email clearly showed Nationwide savings as an account that could be added, but when I connect my account I can only see my current account and my credit card. Am I missing something?


Hi @vido.ardes,

Thanks for getting in touch - it’s great to welcome you to Snoop! I’m pleased to hear that you are enjoying the app so far!

On savings accounts, once we connect you with your bank, you will see any accounts that are available to be shared with Snoop are displayed for you to select. You’ll be able to view and connect any accounts that the bank supports through their ‘Open Banking’ interfaces. The bank decides which account types they will provide to be shared through these interfaces, and sadly not all types of savings accounts are fully supported.

To pick-up on savings accounts more generally, Snoop works within a set of rules and systems that are commonly referred to as ‘Open Banking’. Under the regulations that account providers must follow, they must allow their customers to access certain accounts through apps like Snoop. However, these regulations only cover something called a ‘Payment Account’ and as many savings and investments accounts aren’t classed as this type of product, banks and other providers are not obligated to provide access in a lot of cases.

Each bank has a different view on which savings accounts are considered a ‘payment account’ and although some banks do offer us access (which we are very pleased about even though they are not obligated to), many do not provide access to some, or all of their individual savings products. Sadly, if your savings account was not shown as an account you could share with Snoop, I’m afraid this is because at the moment the bank do not support this account to be shared with us.

We appreciate your feedback, and we’re sorry that this example image has caused some confusion and disappointment, we’ll certainly take this onboard. We really hope that in time, and through customer demand, more banks and providers will offer support for their savings accounts to be shared with us, so that we can help users to connect as many of their account types as possible.