Intregration of savings

I love the snoop app but find it frustrating. Nothing is available for savings accounts. Could this be introduced into the Snoop app. Then giving a full picture of your finances. So it can recommend boating savings improvements.

Hi @Powell - we basically will include any types of accounts that the banks make available to us.

Many savings accounts are not covered by Open Banking regulations and therefore the banks don’t make them available right now. There are some complicated regulations about what determines if a savings account is in scope or not - sadly we have no influence on this at all. We certainly hope that banks make more and more of their accounts available via Open Banking in future and we’d always encourage you to give your bank feedback if you have accounts not available.

What we do have is a feature for ‘Offline Accounts’ where any savings account can be tracked that way (using manual or rules based balance updates). This is available as part of our Snoop Plus product.