Supported savings accounts?

Hi all, long time snoop user but first time poster here, I’m looking to open a new savings account and I know none of the banks I currently use are supported (namely NatWest, Atom and Starling) so was wondering which banks DO support savings account linking to Snoop?


Hi @Martyn it’s actually a really tricky question to answer.

For example NatWest do support certain savings accounts and we have lots connected, but they sadly don’t enable all types of account. That’s the case with lots of the banks we connect with.

Basically the bank decides if they make an account available to connect via Open Banking and there is some complicated rules they use to determine if an account MUST be enabled or not under the regulations they have to follow. The accounts that must be enabled are referred to as ‘Payment Accounts’ - but normally things like ISAs etc do not get included under that definition. In fact I’m not aware of any cash ISAs that we get access to.

When it comes to Starling - they support access on every type of account. However, I think you probably are referring to a Starling ‘Space’ which is not an actual account but a virtual one. Sadly we can’t connect with certain virtual accounts like Starling Spaces or Monzo Pots (because they don’t have all the attributes of a normal account), but we’d love to in future.

So it does depend on the type of savings account you are opening.


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Hi @paul_k, thanks for your response!

Interesting that some NatWest accounts are connected. My Instant Saver account doesn’t, but it is very old and it could be that their new Flexible Saver accounts do work, I might have to look at that as an option.

If it makes any difference, I’m just looking for a standard easy access account.

To demonstrate how complicated this is, this is NatWest’s document about product coverage
(which is really good to be honest as many banks don’t provide this)

In-Scope Accounts document

They certain mention these specific savings products:

You may be best to drop them a line and ask though?


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Ulster Bank Loyalty Saver (part of RBS/NetWest) circa 5.2%; Marcus (Goldman Sachs) - 4.5%.

Sorry, Marcus is not supported. Chase Savings (4.1%) is a possibility.

I’ve just started using Snoop, moved over from EMMA app

But in Emma my starling savings space syncs over with the main account, is this something Snoop are working on currently or is it in plan for furture?


Hi @Turbocat. It’s certainly something we want to introduce down the line, we just haven’t got around to it just yet as they aren’t part of standard open banking specifications and will require quite a bit of bespoke work.

I’ll be sure to share this with the team though to bump this up the list!

All the best, Owen.

For those that are interested, I can confirm that Lloyds “Club Lloyds Saver” account DOES work in Snoop. Unfortunately the high interested Monthly Saver does not.