Starling Bank - Now Available

I’m delighted to say we have now switched on Starling Bank :partying_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know many of you have been patiently waiting for this, so many thanks for sticking with us.

We do have a further phase of work to complete in the coming weeks… in particular to fully support Starling Spaces (which similar to Monzo Pots is not fully integrated yet). We will keep people updated about this.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using Starling in Snoop!



Thanks for all of your hard work. This is an exciting release as I use Starling Bank as my everyday current account. I’m hoping to get a lot more personalised Snoops now that my main account is connected, should I expect to see new Snoops trickle in once the data has been crunched by the system?

Ps: Also connected my joint account successfully, this is really great!

Hi @Joe - yes when you add a new account, we re-check all transactions and look to see if we have any new Snoops that we can share with you.

We also look to see if we can spot any new ‘regular payments’ for that feature of the app.

We normally do all this within 30 mins of the account connecting.



Hi everyone - we’ve had lots of Starling accounts connected this afternoon :muscle:

However, I’m sorry that a very small number of you have had a problem related to non-GBP accounts. We’ve already identified the fix and it will be applied later tonight or first thing in the morning.

I will post here to confirm it’s all resolved.

Thanks Paul.

Looking forward to being able to link Starling but think I’m one of the ones getting the error.

I’ve got a GBP and EUR Starling and I’m trying to connect the GBP but it keeps erroring out after a while of ‘importing’.

Guessing this is the issue you refer to above being fixed?

Yes that’s right @Moggydoggy - sorry about that.

This should be resolved tonight/first thing tomorrow.

Ok thanks :blush:

All working for me on my euro and UK starling account. Thanks Paul.

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Hi everyone - just to confirm a fix for non-GBP accounts was implemented in the last 30 mins. So, if you had trouble earlier, please try again now.

Sorry if this impacted you.


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Working here too - thanks for the prompt fix! :blush:


Starling working well for me thanks


Hi, I’ve just connected my Starling Account and all seems well.

Just one question, will the Starling Business Account also be available?

Yes! Successfully added Starling today and all is working as expected. Thanks team! :blush:

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Hi @Leighton - yes the Starling business account should connect ok today. Let me know if you have any problems?


Hi Paul,

I’ve just connected Starling and only my Current and Euro accounts have connected so when you say today maybe I’m a little early and I should try again later?

Hi @Leighton, everything is in place now, so it should be working now.

Do you access your business account through the same method (same log-on details?)


Hi @paul_k

No, I can’t add it, all it’s done is add is another current & Euro account, so now I have 2 (see my post on duplicate accounts)

Its all part of the same app but the only difference is my Current and Euro accounts are in my personal name and my business account is in my business name if that helps but I assume that this is the same for everyone

Hi @Leighton we have a member of our team who only has a business account and that’s connected fine.

So I’m wondering if there is something about the situation where you have a mix of personal and business. I will investigate and come back to you when we know more.


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Hi @Leighton - I’ve sent you a DM about this


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Hi @paul_k, hope you are well.

Well done on getting Starling connected. One small thing, in the daily push notifications, I get a £ sign on the balance of my Euro account. Let me know if you want a screenshots sending over.

All the best, DC