Starling Bank Spaces

Hi there!

I’ve connected Starling bank to your app, and it has pulled through my main account balance and transactions. However, it has not pulled through my spaces that are available in Starling Bank.

The Starling Bank spaces are virtual areas where you can place your money and pay your bills etc.
For example, I’ve got a car space for car savings, and a bills space for any household bills.
These spaces aren’t pulling through to snoop, so most of my transactions and total balance aren’t appearing.

I’ve spoken to starling and they have advised these spaces are available through open banking, and that it’s most likely the snoop side that isn’t configured to retrieve them.

Would you be able to look into this and let me know if anything can be solved?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Even once Spaces are connected via API, you won’t see any transactions within Spaces. For some reason, Starling doesn’t show them.

Hi @Matt_HGR.

Starling do make their Spaces available via their technical interfaces, but I’m afraid we are not able to support them in the Snoop App at the moment.

Starling Spaces (and the equivalent feature that Monzo offer called Pots) are bespoke integrations - they are not part of the standard Open Banking interfaces that all other banks use. We really hope to support these in future, but we can’t right now.


I have a similar issue with Monzo Flex. I’d really like to see my balance there included in my daily Snoop summary.

Is Monzo Flex even accessible via open banking?

If not, you’d first have to convince Monzo to make it available before apps like Snoop have a decision to make on whether or not to support it.