Starling Spaces


I know that this has been asked before, and the last update was in December, but I’m just wondering has there been any progress on integrating Starling spaces in Snoop? I really, really would like to use it but can’t because stuff just disappears if it’s in a space like some sort of Black Hole and makes the app unusable as I have no insight into half of my money or Direct Debits, as they are all paid through spaces.

As an example, I pay my credit cards off through a Starling Space. I transfer the balance to it before the statement period ends and then the direct debit is paid through the space. All of this is missing from Snoop.

I am considering using a Bear-Like competitor of yours instead, but I don’t particularly like the UI and also like that you have a web app.

Please, please give me some good news? From looking at other posts on here it’s been 2 years since you introduced Starling, surely your provider can handle this now? If you need Beta Testers for this I am happy to be one!


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Hi @ChrisP99 - I wish I had good news for you, but we still can’t support this.

We actually changed our Open Banking technical partner last year, but neither our old or new partners have been able to support these virtual accounts. The reason is simple - it’s because Starling Spaces (and Monzo Pots) are not part of the standard open banking interfaces that all other banks use. So bespoke development would be required, but it’s not something that has been possible to get prioritised so far.

I use both Starling and Monzo and I understand how useful supporting these account features would be. I still hope we can get this enabled in future, but I understand it’s already been a long time since it’s been discussed. I’m afraid it’s still not something I can give any timescale on.

I will certainly let you know if anything changes and again I’m sorry it’s not better news.


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Hi @paul_k,

No worries :blush:. As a software engineer I completely understand the prioritisation of work and how big of an undertaking this would be (an Epic I’m sure).

Maybe there will be good news eventually, but for now I will look elsewhere and hopefully you can add myself to your list as proof to your stakeholders that this is a priority, as you have unfortunately lost a potential customer.