Next Release - Version 2.5 - 24th June at 22:00

Hi everyone - it’s time for our next release :partying_face:

New features

  • Easier PIN resetting – if you’ve forgotten your PIN, we’ve made it quicker and slicker to get back in.
  • Connecting your Starling account – one of our most common requests, we’re adding Starling Bank this week (we’ll notify Snoopers when it’s officially ready).
  • A mix of little fixes – we’ve also been tidying up some features, making a few cosmetic changes and fixing a few small bugs that were bugging us.

We will be making some system changes to support this change from 10pm on Wednesday into the early hours of Thursday.

The new apps should be available to update in both the Apple Store and Google Play later in the week.

Please note - the launch of Starling Bank is scheduled for the end of this week. Keep an eye out on SnoopSpace for more info on that :eyes:



Fantastic news… Finally get to connect my primary bank!
Well done Snoop team


Snoop goes from strength to strength well done team

Awesome, great work getting this far

Hi everyone – this release is now complete and services are now up and running again.

The new IOS and Android apps should be available to update in the app stores overnight.

As mentioned above, Starling Bank will not automatically be available in the new version of the app. It will appear in the next few days as soon as final testing and configuration is complete. We will certainly update everyone once it’s ready.