Next Release - Version 2.3 - Thursday 28th May

Hi everyone - it’s that time again :partying_face:

Tomorrow night (28th May) we will be releasing the next version of Snoop. The details are:

New features

  • Order your accounts any way you like – now you can lift and shift your accounts to put them in any order that makes sense to you. A little feature we know will make a big difference to lots of Snoopers.
  • Reminders about reconnecting accounts – under banking regulations, you have to reconnect to Snoop every 90 days so we’ve added a few ways to nudge you about this in plenty of time.
  • Easier to leave a review – if you tell us you’re enjoying Snoop, we’ll give you the option to link through to the App Store and write a review. Just in case you want to help us spread the word.
  • Update your details – iOS users can now change their name and email address in the App. Android users got this in the last release.
  • Bug fixes – the usual mix of fixes to make Snoop even slicker and quicker.

We will be making some system changes to support this change from 10pm on Thursday into the early hours of Friday.

The new apps should be available to update in both the Apple Store and Google Play first thing on Friday.



Hi everyone - this release has now finished and the Snoop app is now available again.

The new app should be available tonight from Google Play or the Apple App store.

We hope you like the new features :heart:

Not sure what happened but the latest update (may 29) and looking at the merchants on my first direct spending is all gobbledygook.

Ie council tax is now Ouncio Ttx
Abel and Cole has become Oole end Clle

Hi Nick - last night we were alerted to a similar problem.

This isn’t related to our update (appreciate the timing is coincidental) but we can see we received some poor data from one bank yesterday that has negatively impacted at least one of our refresh processes.

We are still investigating this and I will update on this later this morning.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


@Nickmax1 we’ve tracked down the problem

HSBC had an issue sending us data yesterday between 5pm and 8pm and this caused a number of accounts to have bad transaction lists as a result. First Direct were part of this.

This was fixed overnight it seems and hopefully your morning refresh would have resolved the problems you spotted last night/early this morning.

Can you let me know if anything still looks wrong this morning?


All sorted now thanks Paul