Next Release - Version 2.1 - Tuesday 5th May

Hi everyone - tomorrow night (5th May) we will be releasing the next version of Snoop. The details are:

New features

  • Daily balance notifications – Snoop can now send you an update each morning with the balances on each of your connected accounts. You can turn this on (and off) in the App Settings.

  • Bill alerts – Snoop will spot any big changes in your regular payments and let you know. So if any bills go up, you won’t be caught out.

  • Look ahead at your spending – Snoop will send you a summary of your regular spending for the week ahead, so you can check you’ll have enough cash to cover it.

  • Link similar transactions – if you see regular payments that haven’t already been linked together by Snoop, you can do this manually in the transaction details screen. For an even more personalised view.

  • Change devices easily – just start using Snoop on a new device and you’ll automatically be logged out on your old one. We’ll email you to confirm we’ve done it too.

Bugs :beetle: and Cosmetic Changes

  • Revolut accounts - will now show the correct currency symbols on the Snoop homepage

  • Paypal logos - will now appear correctly throughout the app

  • Category changes - we’ve fixed a bug that impacted category changes to transactions which are for bank transfers or other similar transactions made in the last few days. Occasionally these changes could get ‘reset’ back to the original category

We will be making some system changes to support this change from 10pm on Tuesday into the early hours of Wednesday.

The new apps should be available to update in both the Apple Store and Google Play first thing on Wednesday.

We hope you like our new features!



Hi everyone.

This release is now complete and both IOS and Android apps are now rolling out through the app stores and should be available for you to download shortly.