New Beta Release (v.1.4.0) + Outage on Thursday 2nd April

Hi all - it’s time for our next release :sunglasses:

The focus for this release is all about saving you money on your energy bills.

New Features

  • Snoop will now help you save money with your energy bills by identifying if we think you can save money and then allowing you to switch your supplier
  • We can now support ‘B’ and 'Virgin Money Current Accounts, Credit Cards and Savings Products. We switched this feature on last night
  • We can now send regular balance notifications. This feature will be switched on soon.

Bugs :beetle: and Cosmetic Changes

  • We have fixed a bug that meant sometimes category rules would not apply to certain transactions
  • We have fixed a rare problem where a historic transaction could be removed from your account in error
  • Pending transactions will no longer appear in category screens or in category totals, as the data from banks is unreliable and has been causing problems
  • We have fixed a problem which meant transaction times of 00:00 would show on certain screens. Times should not be shown if the bank does not provide this information
  • We’ve made cosmetic changes to the settings screen, including making it easier to invite friends to Snoop

We will need to have a small outage on Thursday morning from 09:30 to deliver these changes. I’d expect us to be back up and running by lunchtime.

You will see a message in the app to say Snoop is not available during this time.


The energy bill link doesn’t work, I see

. :point_down:{appScreenLink}

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch. Apologies, that doesn’t look right and certainly isn’t going to get you very far in saving £££ on your bills!

Let us look into it and will get back to you ASAP.

In the meantime - can I just check what version of the app you are using? Did you manage to download today’s update form TestFlight / Playstore?




Hi Mark,

If you close and reopen your app, and then go back into the snoop is there a button at the bottom of the snoop now?



Android users - we’ve posted an updated about the new app availability here:

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Hi Ross, it was straight after the update, I just checked again and see the orange button now, thanks!

Android users - the post above is updated following Google’s weekend approval.

The app is now fully available.