New Beta Release (v.1.1) + Outage on Monday

Hi everyone, on Monday we will be releasing the next version of our platform and our two mobile apps (IOS & Android). As this is the first release since our Beta started, we will be doing this during normal working hours and it may take a little longer than our planned outages will be once we are in normal live operations.

Our current plan is to start this process at 9:30am on Monday (17th) and everything should be back up and running by midday. During this time you will see an outage message in the app. If anything changes, we will post an update here.

Once the release has finished, a new version of mobile app will be ready to download from Testflight (IOS) or the Google Play Store. You only need to ‘update’ the version you have already installed.

The release contains the following:

New Features

  • Barclaycard support: We have resolved problems that prevented Barclaycards from linking correctly to Snoop, so this account will now show as available in the Add Account screen
  • RBS & NatWest: we now support account linking via the bank’s mobile app (rather than through Online Banking). We’ve actually turned this one on a little earlier so you can use this now.
  • New onboarding journey (IOS) : We have made some changes to the introduction content on the IOS app to match what our Android users see
  • Personalised snoops; We’ve reduced the time between someone registering with Snoop (or adding a new bank account) and when the personalised snoops are available

Bugs and Cosmetic Changes

  • Auto-log off (Android) - we have fixed a problem where the app doesn’t log out automatically after a period of inactivity, which caused incorrect screens to be shown when coming back to the app
  • Re-categorising transactions - we’ve fixed a problem where category changes made on very recent transactions may occasionally be lost following a refresh of bank data
  • Re-categorising transactions - we’ve fixed a problem where a new transaction for a specific merchant may revert back to a default category rather than the one chosen by the customer
  • Explore your money: We have made some small visual changes to this section of the app
  • Snoop feed: We have improved the performance on how the Snoop feed works in the app and minor cosmetic changes
  • Transaction feed (IOS): We’ve changed how transactions are ordered within a particular day, to match how they are provided to us by the bank. Also made small cosmetic improvements
  • Any bank accounts that get manually removed will no longer get included in Merchant spent totals or in the ‘Explore’ screens. The feature to remove accounts in the app is coming soon
  • We’ve made cosmetic changes to the bank redirect process
  • We’ve improved the support emails that get sent to the Snoop team to include some extra information to help with investigations

Hi everyone - this release is now complete so you can access Snoop again. Thanks for your patience this morning :slight_smile:

If you are an IOS user, you should be prompted to download an updated app from Testflight (you will get an email and you will see a message in the app if you haven’t already done this).

If you are an Android user, the app is likely to have automatically updated overnight. Otherwise, you will need to access the Play Store again.

Let me know if you have any problems :muscle:

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