Next Release - Version 2.9 - Wednesday 19th August 2020

Hi Everyone.

It’s time again for our next release!

New features

  • Build your Snoop skills – you can now see all the key features available to help you make the most of Snoop, and track your progress against using them.
  • More helpful home page – we’ve reorganised your home screen, moving the ‘Add Account’ button to be next to your accounts and making it bigger, plus adding the new progress counter in the top right.
  • Even more for HSBC customers – HSBC, First Direct and M&S customers are now able to connect their credit cards and savings accounts to Snoop – as well as their current account.
  • The usual mix of fixes – we’ve also tidied up a few other features, made a few cosmetic changes and fixed a few small bugs that were bugging us.

We will be making some system changes to our platform from 10pm on Wednesday into the early hours of Thursday. During this time, Snoop will not be available.

The new apps should be available to update in both the Apple Store and Google Play on Tuesday next week (25th) and once you have that, the HBSC products will also be available.



This outage is now complete. As mentioned above, the new apps and extended HSBC products are scheduled to be available on Tuesday.


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