Next Release - Version 3.3 - Wednesday 13th January

Hi everyone and Happy New Year :partying_face:

We may only be one week into 2021, but it hasn’t stopped us preparing our next big release!

We have some great new improvements planned:

  • Add any product in the Payment Hub (including your own) – link any regular payment to our expanded list of product types
  • Create custom names and labels in the Payment Hub – give your product types and regular payments any name you like
  • Go directly to ‘View transactions’ from product cards – where there isn’t an option to check for deals
  • Improvements behind the scenes to the ‘Link similar transactions’ feature and some payment processing

We really hope you like the changes.

We will have a small outage from 22:00 on Wednesday 13th to implement some of the changes. The new apps will hopefully be available for both IOS and Android on Thursday.



Brilliant news

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I look forward to the new features. I love snoop


Hi everyone - our outage is now complete and the new apps have been released to the Apple and Android stores.

Hopefully by morning everyone will have access to these new versions.



Loving the new version. One minor gripe. Adding all the new stuff to Cards. Once you’ve done one you’re dumped somewhere in the midst of all your cards and have to wildly swipe around to find the “Add another” card. Sure this is likely a one off blitz but could the Add Another be more accessible please?


Thanks @meedavid for the great feedback. That’s a really good suggestion.

In our next release we hope to introduce some new changes to how customers are invited to setup these cards initially, so we will certainly give this some thought.

Thanks for sharing this.

Hiya! I cant see these updates? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall my app and then link all my accounts again? I love this app BTW!

Hi @Hmccabe there is certainly not a need to uninstall.

Maybe the app hasn’t updated to the latest version - if you go to the app store that you use (either the Apple App Store or Google Play) and then find our app, it should who you if you need to update. It’s version 3.3 that you need.

Then - all the changes mentioned above can be found in the Payment Hub feature which you get to by tapping on the card that talks about your regular payments at the bottom of the Snoop homepage.

Just drop us a line at if you need any help and we can check things with your account?