Next Release - Version 3.4 - Wednesday 27th January

Hi everyone

Here are the details for our next release:

  • Clearer transactions and categories screens – we’ve given these a makeover to make them easier to use.
  • Simpler to ‘add a product’ in the Payment Hub – for those products where we don’t need extra info.
  • Quicker email links for iOS – if you tap to email from the app, your default email will come up.
  • Smarter pending balances for credit cards – we’ve improved how these work behind the scenes.
  • Improved regular payments spotting – we’ve made Snoop smarter at finding recurring bills.
  • Better mortgage insights – Snoop can now spot when you made your last mortgage payment.

As always, we really hope you like the changes.

We will have a small outage from 22:00 on Wednesday 27th to implement some of the changes. The new apps will hopefully be available for both IOS and Android on Thursday.


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Hi everyone - this release is now complete and the Snoop service is available again now.

The new version of our apps (version 3.4) will be available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play in the next few hours.


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I really like this update. The transaction and categories screen is a definite improvement - clearer and can fit more information on the screen!

One thing I’m still hoping you could implement is swiping to go back. I’ve gotten so used to it from other apps that I find myself unconsciously trying it it on the Snoop app.

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Great you like the update @hawkzzter - I agree completely - its much cleaner.

And good idea on the swiping to navigate. We’ll take a look at it to see when we can get this in.

Appreciate the comments :+1:

Just a note, I’m currently using gestures to navigate around the app just fine. Ie, I already can swipe to go back a screen. Is that what you mean? If so, surely that’s a phone setting, not an app seeing?

Interesting - Are you on Android? As far as I know on iOS there aren’t app specific gesture settings so I think it’s up to Snoop to enable these.

Ah yes, I’m on Android.