Next Release - Version 2.2 - Tuesday 19th May

Hi everyone - tomorrow night (19th May) we will be releasing the next version of Snoop. The details are:

New features

  • Tailor your spending totals – you can now remove any transactions you don’t want showing up in your spending totals and summaries, so they’re more meaningful.

  • Internal transfers excluded – Snoop now removes any payments between your accounts from your spending totals and summaries, so they don’t skew the figures.

  • Change your Snoop PIN – you can now do this in the app, quickly and easily. A ‘forgotten PIN’ feature is coming soon.

  • Update your details – Android users can now change their name and email address in the app. iOS coming soon.

Bugs :beetle: and Cosmetic Changes

  • Amazon transaction totals will now display correctly. Transactions can now be recategorised correctly

  • We’ve fixed some problems that meant duplicate companies could appear in spend summary reports

  • We fixed a problem where deleted accounts could negatively impact the information shown on the regular payments screen

We will be making some system changes to support this change from 10pm on Tuesday into the early hours of Wednesday.

The new apps should be available to update in both the Apple Store and Google Play first thing on Wednesday.



Hi everyone - this outage is now complete and our platform has been upgraded.

The upgraded Android app is available to download immediately.

The IOS app is waiting for a final Apple app store review, but we hope it will be available at some stage tomorrow. I will post here to confirm the app is available.


The IOS app has now been approved by Apple so should be available from the app store from this afternoon.


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