Next Release - Version 3.5 - Tuesday 23rd February 22:00

Hi everyone - it’s that time again!

With our next app release, we have lots of exciting changes:

  • Simpler Payment Hub design – organised into three tabs (‘Products’, ‘This Month’ and ‘All Payments’).
  • Payment Hub quick scroll feature (in the ‘Products’ tab) – makes it super-simple to find the exact payment you want.
  • Payment Hub highlight feature (in the ‘Products tab’) – flags any important messages around each of your bills.
  • New Payment Hub intro – to help every new Snooper get set up properly.
  • Improvements to the ‘similar transactions’ feature.
  • The usual mix of fixes – we’ve made a few cosmetic changes and fixed a few small bugs that were bugging us.

We really hope you like the new design of the Payment Hub. Here is a sneak peak:

We will be having an outage at 22:00 on Tuesday 23rd to make the platform changes needed to support this new release.

The new IOS and Android apps will be available a little later in the week. I’ll post in here as soon as they are released.


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This outage is now complete and our platform has been upgraded ready for our new apps. These will be with you later this week and I’ll post here as soon as they are on the Apple and Google stores.



Hi everyone - the apps are now rolling out to both IOS and Google stores.



They look good and a good improvement. A credit in hub would also be nice. We are all happy to see money coming in and to see a small hub for credits would be great.