Next Release - Version 3.0 - Monday 9th November

Hi everyone – it’s time for the next version of our app, and it’s our biggest release yet!

New Features:

• New ‘Payment Hub’ gives you one place to keep on top of all your bills and regular payments, to track any ups or downs, and to switch and save money.
• Get forecasts for your future payments, link any we haven’t spotted to specific products (e.g. broadband) and add end date info so Snoop can share timely reminders at just the right time for shopping around.
Now it’s even easier to find and compare deals - with slicker and smarter reminders when it’s the right time to switch providers.
Monzo transaction descriptions have been improved too.
The usual mix of fixes – we’ve also tidied up a few other features, made a few cosmetic changes and fixed a few small bugs that were bugging us.

To see a little sneak peak on how these features will work, please take a look at the following videos:

We will be making changes to the Snoop platform from 10pm on Monday 9th November until the early hours of Tuesday and during that time the app will not be available.

New versions of the app will be available in the app stores on Tuesday (10th).

We hope you love all the new features – do let us know what you think?


2 Likes new update available on 10th Nov - what a birthday treat :blush::tada::beers:

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I’m very excited !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:, thank you I’m very honoured :joy:

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Found a bug in latest version 3.0 as just updated now from the iOS App Store (1am)

Opened app, Touched finger to login then get message saying maintenance try later but if u click the snoopspace button and it will pop up the website but go back into the app and do this three times in a row, the app is then usable :joy:

Ha ha @si458… you managed to catch-us in the 30 min window when we had switched on some services (to let us check everything was working as expecting) but before we removed the outage page.

If you had tried it from 10pm - 00:15 ish, your would have been stopped :smiley: !

Anyway - I’m pleased to confirm the outage is now complete and our release is finished. The new app version has been released on both Apple App Store and Google Play… but it may take a few hours to appear for you.


Looking forward to this update! Thanks team

Liking the new update! I’ve had a brief play with the Payment Hub and will give it a more in-depth look in the coming days. I currently pay for my home internet (I use a sim card in a router rather than a standard broadband connection), and my mobile phone contract in the same payment to Vodafone. It would be useful if it were possible to manually divide a reoccuring payment from the same company into different categories, so that part of the bill can be associated with home broadband and the other with mobile - I don’t believe this is currently possible?

As an aside, both my home internet and mobile phone contracts were taken out through third parties who allow me to claim a proportion of my bill as cashback. At the moment Snoop sees the high bills and makes suggestions based on these figures, but it would be neat if in the future it were possible to adjust bills to make them effective monthly bills, in situations such as where cashback as being claimed. I understand this may make things more confusing for the majority of users if there’s an option, but it could be useful more broadly (i.e. in a shared household where say 1 person pays the bills and the other people transfer their proportion of the bill. It would be useful to have an effective monthly bill as well as the actual monthly bill).

Edit: It appears I may need to look more thoroughly before posting! :laughing:

Edit 2: In a situation where one payment is for multiple products it would be useful to be able to let Snoop know how the bill is divided, and then make recommendations based upon those figures.

Congratulations team! I LOVE the new Payment Hub and I can’t wait to see it evolve and become more and more useful. In one of my very first feedback sessions for Snoop I was lamenting the closure of the bill management app I’d been using and this is a great next step to filling that hole.

A few comments from me:

(the very picky comment)

  1. I don’t like the fact that the Switch & Save section is first on the page and then the Regular Payments comes second. I completely accept that this is a revenue stream for Snoop and that keeps Snoop up and running for us to use. And I also realise that I’m pretty savvy already and therefore I’m comfortable with the accounts I have and I don’t need to be encouraged to check if I could save money by switching all the time. But as a consumer I feel bombarded by messages online, on TV, in print (everywhere!) telling me to switch this, switch that, switch everything all the time! In an ideal world, and once I’d entered all my contract end dates, I would prefer to see the switch options only appear first on the page when it’s actually time for me to make a switch. Otherwise I want to see my Regular Payments come first.

(the future development comment)
2) I think this is already on the development roadmap but I want to be able to add transactions to the Regular Payments list manually when Snoop hasn’t picked them up. For example I renewed my home insurance in September and the transaction clearly says ‘Esure Home Insurance’. But Snoop hasn’t picked it up. Is there a way I should be able to give Snoop a nudge in the app to see it so it appears on my Regular Payments list (without having to email you first)?

(the stretch target)
3) further to being able to manually add transactions from the app, I would love the ability to be able to add other renewable and important type documents in the future: the expiry date of my plastic driving license card, my passport, my E111 card (as an example even though they’re going), etc. etc.

But none of this detracts from the fact that I’m still such a huge supporter of Snoop and all the developments you’re doing. Keep up the great work!


Hey @charlwillis - great to hear from you and thanks for the kind words about the release!

I’m also delighted that you see some of your amazing ideas and feedback from earlier in the year in the release - it’s taken us a little while but we’re really excited about how the Payment Hub is going to help our customers manage their bills more closely, and save!

Thanks for your UI comments - we wanted to create a really clear experience at the top of the screen that allows everyone to see their recurring payments in the card view with all the meta information displayed as clearly as possible. Granted this is only for some products right now but our ambition is that people can see cards for all of their RPs one day.

Thanks for your other feature development comments and trust me they both are front and centre of our focus right now - watch this space :eyes:

Please let me know if you have any other comments and thanks so so much for your continued support.

Happy Snooping,


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Hey @Joe, thanks so much for your comments and your positive words on the new release!

We’re really excited about the Payment Hub but we’re just at the start of the journey, your ideas around being able to be more accurate about apportioning parts of bills to different products is a interesting (and difficult) challenge we want to explore more in the coming months! Ultimately we want the insights Snoop serves to be as accurate and useful as possible so it’s definitely something we will take onboard.

Let me know if you have any other comments and thanks for your continued support.

Have a great evening,


Thanks @Ross. From a UI perspective I’d prefer to see all my RP in a list rather than in a carousel view. Or at least get the option to switch to a list view…



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