Payments hub ideas

Hi there, the payments hub is great. A few ideas to make it even more useful:

  • Let us link payments which you haven’t flagged as monthly - e.g. if we’ve switched to a new provider and paid annually
  • Add more categories or allow us to set custom categories - e.g. gym membership
  • Support custom reminders, e.g. to remind me when a trial period ends
  • Support related reminders - e.g. for car insurance I also want a reminder when my MOT is due

Thanks for the great ideas @daniel2000.

We will continue to enhance the payment hub over the weeks and months ahead. Look out for our next release in the next 2 weeks for the next iteration.

I’ve shared these ideas with the whole team as we think about where to take this next.

Thanks for taking the time to share :smiley:

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Morning team,

In the Payments Hub, we can sort the list of Regular Payments alphabetically and by value, but are there any plans to list them by date in the month so we can see them in sequential order and see what’s coming up next? I know I asked a very similar question about the paid versus upcoming payments and showing them by calendar month too.

Also any plans to split by frequency - I’m not a huge fan of having my annual payments mixed in amongst my monthly ones although I still want to see them - perhaps just separated?




Hey @charlwillis,

Hope you’re well!

From the release after next (either just before or just after Christmas - tbc), we’ll provide the option to filter your Regular Payments by ‘upcoming’.

And on frequency, at the moment the Hub is designed to show all frequencies together, but in future, the monthly breakdowns (paid vs outstanding) and calendar views will help break this out. So this will hopefully work for you.

Thanks as always for your feedback - Cara

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Thank you @Cara!

These updates sound like they tick all my boxes so I’m looking forward to them already :blush:

Keep up the great work team!

(and for @PaulL 's benefit, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve ditched Emma for good :wink:)



Amazing news :blush::champagne:

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Hi Charlotte - I’m genuinely super-happy that Snoop’s delivering what you need. We’ve come a long way since those early workshops back in Waterloo! Hope all is well with you. :+1: