Regular Payments need editing

When payment hub thinks its spotted a regular payment and asks me contract end dates, could we have an option to say “This isn’t a regular payment”

Also, I use Plum which takes various amounts out of accounts throughout the month and saves them away. Snoop highlights each and every one as “regular” but separate. They either all need ignoring or all lumping into some pseudo monthly transaction?

Payment hub has lost track of my British Gas payments. Although Nov and Dec are now linked to each other the “regular payment” is moaning I last paid in October. Maybe some way of “finding lost transactions”? (Weirdly if I go into my account and click on December’s payment it says 5 transactions, which is correct so it has linked them there?)

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Hi @meedavid you can remove any items you don’t want to track (such as your regular Plum transfers) by tapping on any item in the list of payments and then tapping on:

’Remove this regular payment’

For your British Gas payments - please can you drop us a line at and we can certainly check that out for you.


Yes I know about the existing way of removing. I was suggesting it also appears when asked to supply dates for newly found potential regulars. It seems a more sensible time to delete.

This is new…

Nope it’s not…

Rather than

This is new…

Oh heck, let me wade through my full list and try and find it and then delete it…

Gas has been fixed. Seems Snoop duplicated some entries meaning it got confused

I see - thanks @meedavid.

We do have a journey to handle the switching of ‘old’ to ‘new’ service - basically if you were tap on the old card at the top of the payment hub and then find this option:

Once you select the ‘new’ payment it will remove the old bill automatically.

However, what we don’t do is prompt when looking at a new item like you suggest. We will certainly give this some thought and thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for confirming your British Gas payments are now fixed.

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