Apple App Store purchases around regular payment date influence paid status, no current way to say this not that

Hi there,

I use a few things attached to my Apple account, and so everything has exactly the same description, although I do have regular payments that occur every month.

Would it be possible to help the AI select the right payment in the event it selects the wrong transaction?

For example, a regular payment I have for £5.99 was incorrectly identified as £24.99 one month, and it was not possible to create a new regular payment for that transaction or repoint Snoop to the correct payment which was within a couple of days.

It can create weird bumps in the history, and of course doesn’t account for another regular payment series/product that’s been added.

Hey @csd123 - I’m sorry to hear that we’ve included an incorrect transaction in your Regular Payment.

Unfortunately there’s no way to remove this transaction from the Regular Payment in app right now, but we should be able to adjust this behind the scenes for you.

Please could you email your query into

Thank you!

Hi @tom.player,

Thanks for the feedback - I’ve spotted three different cases and I’ve used the improve this feature to report them to you.

Agree, I have the same issue. All the App Store or apple related purchases are categorized as regular so your monthly subscription will be lumped together to a one off purchase of the new iPhone!

It would be great if Snoop can separate what’s a one off and a regular one from the same merchant.

Hey @MBA1413 - please do feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll certainly take a look at this for you.

Many thanks :blush: