Regular Payments Editting

Hi there. How do I add payments into my regular payments list? Three have dropped off between Jan and Feb that should be there. They appear in the long list of regular payments but not in the added up list that gives me my monthly total of regaulr outgoings. This is the most useful part of the app for me. Many thanks in advance. Norm

Hi @Norm,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We would be more than happy to look into this and see what’s going on with these payments. So that we can look into this further for you, could you please send an email to our support team on - we’ll then be able to locate your account on our system and get this sorted for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks Laura. Now I’m used to the app what I’m actually asking is how to.kove regular payments from my regaulr payments list into my monthly forecast for regular payments. How do I do this?



Hey @Norm

Happy to take a look at this. If you drop me a line at and confirm which payments you’re not seeing in your forecast, I’ll check this out for you.