Upgrades to Regular Payment Tracking

Hi everyone - we’ve been making lots of important upgrades to our regular payment analyser (our ‘bill tracker’) in recent weeks. Here is a summary of how our feature works.

Reminder of key features

Unlike banks who may show you simply a list of standing orders or DDs on an account, our feature is designed to look for ALL patterns of regular spending to help you track your bills. We do this by looking:

  • Across all your accounts. This bit is new as we no longer limit our patterns to bills paid from the same bank account
  • Across all types of payments - Direct Debits, bank transfers, card payments etc

The patterns we look for:

  • Payments to the same destination, which is often a merchant but can also be to an individual
  • Payment that we spot as a regular pattern. The patterns we look for are:
  1. Weekly (new)
  2. Monthly
  3. Quarterly
  4. Annually

When will a new regular item appear in the list in the Payment Hub?

For direct debits, we can make them appear in your list of regular payments after one payment. For certain payment types we need to wait for a few payments to establish a pattern and to check this is actually a ‘regular’ bill and not just normal adhoc spending. Normally after 3 regular payments, this pattern should be spotted.

Our support team also have the ability to apply more advanced settings in certain situations… for example if you pay regularly to a company but not on a fixed pattern, we can make an entry appear in your list to track that spending. We can also exclude any merchant/destination from appearing in your list, or include one that we normally preventing showing by default.

If ever you need anything changed, just drop us a line from the app, or email us at hello@snoop.app.

What’s next?

We have lots more improvements planned in future.

One of these will be improving our predicted spending around weekly payments. At the moment we only predict the ‘next’ payment, even if more than one is due in a month for example.

I hope that’s a useful summary, but please do let us know if anything about your own payments doesn’t look right for you?



The Regular Payments feature and all the added intelligence you keep adding to it is the primary reason I now can’t live without Snoop! And whenever I have an issue with it or need something correcting (or just need to understand what’s going on) the team are super helpful.
Keep 'em coming!


I use Plum and its frequent but ever-changing amounts drive Snoop mad :joy:
“Warning your payments gone up by 2.59”
“Warning your payments gone done by 15.20”
etc etc

Every time I tell Snoop not to count Plum as a regular payment.

Whilst this reminds me, can we have sorting regular payments by Name please. I’ve labeled all mine
“z whatever”
hoping new ones would show at top, but I can’t sort by name.

Hi @meedavid we can stop Plum transactions from ever getting spotted as Regular Payments for you.

Just drop us a line from the app / email us from hello@snoop.app and we will sort that out for you.

Good idea about additional sorting by name. I’ve shared that suggestion with the team.


The regular payment tracking is so useful!

I was wondering - is it possible for me to request that a regular incoming payment be added to my hub? It’s just I have an outgoing rent payment which is shown in the hub but I also receive rent from my housemate as a separate item and ideally I’d like both the outgoing and incoming payments to be shown as that’s a more accurate picture of net committed spending.

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Hi @hawkzzter - at the moment our Payment Hub is focussed on outbound payments, but we are certainly working on a feature that will do a similar thing for regular incoming transactions too.

This is part of our ‘Payday Predictor’ feature described in our roadmap : Snoop | Product features