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I currently use Bobby on iOS to manage my subscriptions. It’s a really simple app but allows me to keep a record of recurring subscriptions including payment dates and duration. The main problem with it is that all subscriptions have to be manually entered. It would be great if Bobby (or its features) could be integrated with Snoop.

hi @lbh - I hadn’t heard of Bobby but just had a quick look and it looks fantastic. Thanks for brining it to our attention and I’ll add it to the product / partnerships backlog.

Thanks again!


Is there any way of telling Snoop if a transaction is actually a recurring payment? I can’t seem to see a way if there is. If not, is this in the pipeline?

Hi @charlwillis - not currently.

What we have today is the ability to link together transactions that are not already matched in a series. So, for example if you pay your mortgage or rent by standing order you will see the button to link these together when looking at one of the transactions.

Once linked together, we would hopefully pick-up that series of transactions as a regular payment when we next check overnight. It would be included in your list the next day.

If you still have an item that’s not being shown, just tap on the ‘help us improve…’ link from the transaction detail screen and we will investigate.

The most common reason for this is that’s it’s a new regular payment and there is not a pattern yet for our analysis process to spot.


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Thanks @paul_k.

So I get that a number of recurring payments are needed for Snoop to know it’s a recurring payment. But I’ve got this one that’s had 13 regular payments, one a month. But it doesn’t appear in my recurring payments list? Granted its only £3 but still. Any ideas?

Same for my NowTV monthly payments:

Hi @charlwillis I’ve taken a look and both NowTV and ‘Reward Flight Finder’ have been picked-up by our assessment. However we analyse each company you are spending with and then ‘score’ how confident we are something is a regular pattern.

This is so we only show ‘subscription’ style payments in that feature, rather than every-time you buy your lunch for example.

The more regular the frequency and amount, the higher the score. After a certain scoring threshold is reached, we show them in the app.

If I take NowTV as an example:

  • Often you have 2 transactions per month, but in March we got 3 and in Jan, Dec & Nov we only got 1.
  • The amounts change - often by more than 30% (examples of amounts - £5.49, £7.99, £11.99, £2.40, £3.99)
  • The days of the month are often different

So all of these factors mean our confidence score is quite low that these are for a regular ‘subscription’ and therefore we are not showing them in the app at the moment.

Your Reward Flight one is a bit more complicated. You have many months where you have 2 transactions in a month and often some months with none. This appears to be related to the billing cycle of this payment attempting to collect maybe on the last day of the month? It often spills into the following month. Do you know what day of the month they attempt to collect? Maybe we can improve our model to look for this pattern better.

We are putting in a new feature soon where we can override this scoring and forcing it to show in your list.


Thank you Paul. I know the NowTV payment amount changes fairly regularly as I take advantage of offers and discounts available for their monthly ‘passes’. I’m not sure why the Reward Flight Finder is so hit and miss.

But I understand your explanation and how hard it must be based on these fluctuations to identify them as recurring payments. I shall look forward to the rollout of the functionality that will enable me to tell Snoop myself.



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