Hi everyone, any chance people would get to test the new bill management features? If so is there an ETA for full release?

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Hi - our next app release will be later this month. Exact timings are still TBC.

This release is a big one for us and we will talking more about this in the next week or so. Keep an eye out on our customer newsletter where we will provide some more details.



Awesome ! Cheers Paul, so who do I talk to about what we can and can’t post on the forum, for example I think keeping stuff in line with snoop and money saving could we have a referral page for other users to share, very popular among communities :ok_hand:t2:

Hey - post away :+1:

The Snoop community is right at the heart of what we do now and will achieve together in the future. By community, we don’t necessarily mean forum as this is an important platform to engage and discuss of course, but the real heart of Snoop is in its users and their freedom to share their experiences to help others through whatever means they choose. And our brilliant Snoopers have a lot of ideas!

Right now, in the main ideas are suggested via email into and these are then served as Snoops to people who we know will benefit from them, in the app - but of course, they can be shared anywhere. So by all means do post your ideas in the forum and others may follow. The more insights we can gather the better as we can then use Snoop to provide them to all customers who would benefit. We’re all about helping each other to make life that little bit easier so the more ideas the better :heart:

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Thanks cara, really nice to see a lot of passion :ok_hand:t2:

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Also I think I may need like a trusted status or something to create a wiki or amend one :flushed: any chance I could get some help from someone or a moderator, I’d love to do a referral one for everyone :sunglasses:

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Let me chat to the team next week :slight_smile:

thanks for your support,

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@Cara it’s letting me create now :slight_smile: can I snoop theme it? :v:

Hey, can I just check - what type of referral content are you thinking of posting? Are you talking about generic money saving insights, or referral codes? Just want to get a feel for that - thanks :slight_smile:

I’d like to help the community get into the spirit of helping each other out with money saving codes and possibly money saving hacks depending on how creative I’m allowed to be :slight_smile:

Great, thanks

We’d absolutely love to hear your ideas and those of anyone else who’d like to share them :ok_hand: So by all means do post away. Thank you!

Its worth saying though that there are a couple of differences Snoop makes to general community sharing of insights (which is still hugely important of course).

First up, Snoop always completes background research on suggested ideas to make sure we’re getting the whole picture and can be confident in our assertions that they’ll genuinely help our customers - this is so important as we’d want to provide our customers with no less than well rounded, and independent perspectives in our Snoops.

And of course, we then match Snoops to our customers based on our understanding of what they’ll benefit from. So we take what can feel like an overwhelming amount of money saving content, and aim to serve the right info at the right time, to the right customers. There are loads of fantastic sources of money saving tips out there - but we curate these and do our best to tailor them to you. And this is what differentiates us.

So based on that, I’m not sure we’d not want to brand a money saving tips page on the SnoopSpace forum, as were this to be shared in other communities, for example Emma or Monzo, it would look like Snoop was endorsing content which hadn’t had the once over from our experts.

Hope that all makes sense - but as I say, absolutely love your passion and how much you’d like to help everyone. So we’re all really looking forward to hearing your ideas (and those of others who follow) - we’ll then do our best to make sure they reach the customers who would benefit most :heart:


Hi cara tried doing a referral code page today for us all to share but it won’t let me post anything with more than one link or emoji … so may have to give it a miss unless you can help :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hey - I’ll take a look at this. Will let you know when it’s sorted. thanks :+1:

Sorry - not sure how to adjust this - i’ll get back to you asap

Hi cara thanks for the update, I think you’ll have to adjust my user account to like a trusted level , it’s on a newbie restriction I’m pretty sure!

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thanks - found it - sorry for the delay - you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Brilliant thanks cara! :metal::metal: