Product Roadmap

Hi Snoop community!

Some of you may have seen that we published a version of our product roadmap today and we’d love to hear what you think.

Please let us know any comments or thoughts on this thread.

(For those that missed the link you can see the roadmap here -


Hey @Ross

Absolutely love the new roadmap!

More banks - reaching more customers when you’re up and running fully.

Updating details - anything that makes this easier is always appreciated.

Something for the future, maybe see if we’re able to make it so if we update information in the app it communicates this with the associated banks?

Lightning fast login - goodbye manual pincode!

Name that account - I use this with Lloyds, Tesco and Monzo & it makes life so much easier. Again, something I appreciate.

Energy, Subscriptions and renewals - all stuff I can never be bothered to actually remember or look for because it’s usually so time consuming, so having my best mate Snoop help with this will be such a game changer.

Payday Predictor and Budgeting - I’ve tried so many apps for budgeting, so one where I can actually see ALL of my accounts in one place with an up to date balance, along with the payday predictor will make life so much easier, especially for those of us who don’t have so much time.

Savings Saver, Card Checker and Media Monitor - again the best mate Snoop taking it to a whole new level of helping out. These things are so important, but who actually has the time to sit there and check all of these? Especially when you have a soon to be husband and 2 cats to look after! :exploding_head:

Create the feed you need - honestly, Snoop just keeps getting better. Being able to have all the bits that matter to me in my feed so a quick glance can give me the information I need - game changer :raised_hands:t3:

Share the love - I mean I’m pretty monogamous in relationships, but I suppose I can make an exception for my bestie Snoop.

I will share so much :man_facepalming:t3:

Connected account updates - again, bringing this all into the one app is so amazing & time saving.

Echoing what I said earlier; maybe we can make it in the future so if we update details with the bank, Snoop brings this into our Snoop account? (Address/name etc)

Send in your own Snoops - what a bloody amazing idea. You guys deserve a cuppa, I’ll even throw a plate of biscuits in for you. What’s more brilliant than allowing us to share our favourite Snoops we see out in the world to enlighten our friends using Snoop!

Mortgage Minder - as Aretha Franklin sang, R. E. S. P. E. C. T :love_you_gesture:t3: Way to go Snoop for looking out for those with Mortgages. Not only will people who’ve had theirs for a while benefit, it’ll help those new to the Mortgage world by ensuring the big names aren’t ripping them off!

Honestly guys, Snoop is already amazing and we’re only on v1.1.1, in beta. You’re making the world a better place with Snoop, and I just know that once we launch :rocket:, everyone will love you as much as I do now.

But please don’t forget me when you become big and famous :sob:


I agree fully with @ryev and everything Ryan had written.

Looking to be an amazing future ahead for Snoop


Thanks guys - I’ll let @Ross reply to your incredible feedback. But your support is hugely appreciated :+1:


Hi guys, thanks so much for taking the time to provide your feedback, it really means a lot to us and makes it so much easier to build snoop exactly how our customers want it!

Although it might take us a little while to get all of the features into the app, we’ll be prototyping some of these experiences and, if you’re up for it, we’d love to get your opinion on them through this process?!?

Watch this space!



Always happy to help with road testing new features, @Ross!

Look forward to it all :grin:


Roadmap looks really awesome, lots of thought gone into coming up with it!


Roadmap looks fine. All about adding more banks for me, so a greater % of my transactions can be analysed.

Any chance of a share button on Snoops too? Two main reasons; firstly that many financial decisions are taken as a couple/family/group rather than individual.

Secondly that if it’s good for me, then it’s probably good for someone else I know - a great way to encourage member get member with ‘real’ examples rather than generic ‘click this link for Snoop which I think you’ll like’.

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This comes under “Share the love” Richard :grin:

We’ll be able to share the Snoop with friends and family etc from my understanding of that.


Ok great. I read it as it says on the link above that users will be able to pay Snoop; sharing the love with Snoop as opposed to sharing the ‘tip’ with friends/family.

Have I missed the sharing with friends/family somewhere else?

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Hey guys - you’re both right!

On the roadmap we talk about introducing a tipping like feature to help us pay the service bills on the robot :slight_smile: but we are ALSO looking at building a feature that lets customers share snoops with their contacts.

Quick question on the sharing of snoops, would you expect to do that:

  1. via popular messaging services (like WhatsApp)
  2. via social media (like Facebook)
  3. with other user internally on Snoop

let me know your thoughts.


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Yes. Probably a bit less likely number 2, but I’d still expect it as an option


Hey @Ross all 3 for me!


I think option 1 will be the most fit for me. :slight_smile:


1 & 3 for me, can’t stand Facebook.

Twitter is ok though, so probably all 3 I Suppose.


I reckon on sites such as Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter !
Perhaps as Snoop members we could have logo/link to include in the signature section of our outgoing emails to share Snoop that way!
I’ll keep thinking!


Roadmap looks great. Can’t wait to connect all my accounts.

Sharing Snoops via Whatsapp would be essential for me.


Nice roadmap.

Are there any plans to add analytics to do spend analysis eg by date, by category etc?

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Hi Mark,

we’ve got plans to increase the views in the ‘Your Money’ section of that app and allow customers to ‘cut’ their spending data in more ways just like you suggested…

it’s not something we’re working on RIGHT now but its in the plan for the near future.




Love the roadmap. Top of my list is easy envelope budgeting. I think snoop has a bright future.