Bunch of ideas

So I have some feedback and ideas on the beta:

  1. I mentioned previously being able to manually change the name of a retailer which would be most relevant for Paypal transactions. I was told this wasn’t possible but still wonder if you could look into it as I previously used Yolt which had this capability.

  2. Custom pay day - please!!!

  3. Being able to add notes or tags to each transaction. Ideally so that you could search by tag but even if you can’t provide that right now then at least being able to add a note to the transaction. Something you can do with Yolt and Monzo

  4. Being able to add a photo receipt to a transaction

  5. Custom categories - when are they coming out? For example I want to add ‘kids’, ‘pets’, ‘petrol’, ‘clothing’ etc.

  6. Showing the available balance and current balance for each account.

  7. Being able to sync across two users, for example me and my OH rather than us having to have seperate snoop accounts and logins

  8. Setting up goal/maximum spend for each category - but that’s the least important for me.

I’ve emailed this to you as well but would be good to see if any other users want to see any of these options as well!


Thanks again for the great comments @GilaCo

I know Lucy explained this but so others are aware in case they’re not already, custom categories are now live in the beta version of Snoop so it’d be great to hear what you think of the feature!

And the rest of your feedback has been shared and will be discussed with the whole team :blush: