Bill category & feature wishes

I love the categories in the app so far and the features I’ve never seen an app like this and I have different banks so it makes my life much simpler, but I wish there was a bills tab in it as well so my phone bill rent and everything could go under that tab

Another tab idea is a tab for savings specifically cause I have a lot of outgoing savings payments and it makes my spending very far off especially cause my bank with my savings isn’t supported on the app

Another thing though I really hope moneybox is included in supported banks soon cause it’s where my savings accounts are but I can see not many people have voted for it

It would also be great if you could view more than three banks, I bank with four because of experience of fraud/accounts with better rates of interest etc than others aren’t always in the same bank

I also would love if you guys could do snoops related to investments and more money lessons, as I find them informative as an investor

What you guys have done so far is awesome thank you so much.

Hey @Amaya

Delighted you’re enjoying Snoop!

And thanks so much for your feedback. We’re going to be looking at custom categories and tagging of transactions a little later in the year so that will mean you can view your finances in the categories you choose. Hopefully that will be a helpful feature for you.

Just on only being able to view 3 banks - you can add as many banks/providers as you like to Snoop. Just tap the ‘+’ in the top right of the home screen. If you then pull the Snoops down out of the way you’ll be able to see them all. If you have any trouble (or I’ve misunderstood) do let me know here or drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help. We’ll be continually adding banks and account types as they become available so watch this space too.

Finally I’ve shared your ideas for Snoops related to investments and money lessons with the team. We provide some Snoops on these topics already but we are always looking to expand our coverage and content so you letting us know what you’d be interested in seeing is really helpful.

Thanks so much again for your feedback! And have a great weekend,

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