Category splits

Firstly, I agree with previous user that selecting multiple transactions would be a plus feature.

Also, as a newbie I am trialling both Snoop and YNAB. First impression I prefer Snoop but frustrated that I can’t split categories on a single transaction. So if I go to supermarket and buy shopping plus clothing, perhaps a gift and also get my mums shopping at the same time, I would want to split that transaction into four different categories. This is a make or break for me. Is it something that will be introduced soon??


Hi @Momma_Sue

We’ve recently introduced transaction notes (so you leave notes where useful on specific transactions). I’m afraid don’t have any immediate plans to introduce splitting transactions into different categories.

I’ve certainly shared your feedback with the rest of the team as we are always reviewing which features would be most useful to our customers. For the next few months we will be mainly focussing on new budgeting and balance forecasting features.


Transaction notes are a great addition, but they are not useful when it comes to analytics. When you for example split a meal and are only responsible for say a third of a bill, the only option is to exclude it or leave it which either way results in inaccurate spending stats. Having transactions only able to be in one category also results in inaccurate stats. As the thread creator highlighted, it’s in other similar personal finance apps. I’m not sure why it’s not at least planned for Snoop if budgeting features are the focus? It’s frustrating especially as Snoop is awesome at everything else, and other users have suggested it as well. Could it be reconsidered?

Hi @RazRyan when I wrote my post in December I mentioned splitting categories wasn’t in our immediate focus as we were working on (and have since launched) our big new personalised budget section of the app. We’ve also since launched a number of additional enhancements based on feedback - examples here New App Release (version 6.4).

Splitting categories remains something we’d like to do, but we are not actively working on this yet. We continually review priorities based on a number of factors. Customer feedback is one of the biggest drivers of our priority list and I will certainly share your comments with the rest of our team.



Hi Paul,

Just in case numbers of requests helps the team at Snoop HQ decide what features to work on next, I would also like to add my name to the request for splitting categories. So many shops are multifunctional! I find myself trying to do multiple transactions sometimes, particularly for places like Amazon, purely to make categorising easier. It doesn’t always work though & isn’t always practical!


Thanks @Scarag7 - I’ve certainly shared your vote for this with the rest of the team.


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