Categories within spend analysis

Hi All, (also greetings the Snoop team!!!)

I’m quite new to Snoop, really loving the app and additional web features, so thanks to everyone on here for doing what you do.

I have a few suggestions for user friendly features when using the categories in Snoop’s spend analysis.

1)Can an option be considered that allows users to choose and personally adjust how far back a each category reviews previous transactions? It is occasionally really helpful to review very old transactions but only occasionally.

2)Within an individual category can a feature be created where a user can highlight/select multiple transactions before recategorising them together and all in one go to another category.

Doing it one at a time is way too time consuming…

3)Also in addition to that, when reviewing individual transactions it would be very helpful if the app didn’t return the users’s view to the top of the page/ latest transaction.

Having to continually scroll back down the page to the area where you were previously, is a real hassle.

4)When moving a transaction from a category can a feature be added that allows users to mark and group a specific type of transaction, from others purchased from the same merchant.
This so the app will always recognise marked transactions as a separate transaction type from the main set of transactions associated with that specific merchant.

I.e An Amazon Prime subscription is different from a purchase from Amazon.

Yet it only recognises Amazon as a single group when selecting/ requesting Snoop to automatically categorise the remaining and future transactions, as they are all once again included.

Hi there @Louis

Great comments, thank you. Really appreciate you taking time out to share your thoughts - the team will all have a read over and will consider as we further build out Snoop.

Just on your final point (4) about being able to create subsets of transactions under the master list which is aligned to a merchant. I completely understand what you’re saying and why you’d want that. But for Amazon Prime, this should already have it’s own merchant and not all be folded into the main Amazon merchant. There may be a reason this is showing in one list for you, but it’d be great if you could drop us an email at so we can take a look at your account to see what’s happening?

Many thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks Cara,

I used Amazon as an example as it’s a well known merchant although this particular point does apply to others.

I’m happy to explain and will be in contact.


My issue is that Amazon is a marketplace where you could buy anything from groceries, clothing, furniture, technology, etc. therefore if you don’t want the default for this (shopping) then it gets complicated because you will probably have to manually select all the transactions you want them different to the default shopping. I’m not sure if by looking at the actual transaction name would be useful and helping snoop categorize them.

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