'Your Money' spend analysis

Hi team,

I know there are a few improvements to Your Money on the roadmap already (spend compared to other Snoop users, graphical spend, etc) but the big one I still feel is missing for me is Spend by Merchant alongside the current Spend by Transaction and spend by Category.

To really help us understand our spending and therefore save money, seeing the categories we spend on is helpful, but seeing the spend by merchant would be better. I suspect that my biggest spend has been on Amazon this year and apart from wanting to support smaller businesses and also after watching The Truth About Amazon on C4, I’d like to spend less with them. But I’m not actually sure how much I’m spending with them over other merchants and how big my Amazon problem is!

I think this has been discussed before so is it close? Or is it still further down the list?

(and the other one I’m waiting for is view by payday month rather than calendar month, but I know I’ve asked for that a few times before!)

Thanks team!



Hi @charlwillis,

These are great suggestions, and I can definitely see how beneficial the ‘spend by merchant’ view would be (although I’m not so sure I’d want to acknowledge my actual Amazon spend over lockdown! :see_no_evil:)

Both of these features are on the way for 2021, and we hope to have these implemented within the first few months of the new year. :blush:


Great news! Thank you @Laura! :tada:

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Hi any update on ETA for spend by merchant? it’s critical to getting my wife to use Snoop regularly!

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Hi - we are going to release some news on our roadmap on our next wave of features in the next 2 weeks.

We will post an update on here and also we will be sending an email out on it too. So look out for updates shortly.