Is there any way to search and filter my transactions to be able to more easily find the merchant I am looking for?

I was told my energy bill was quite high but am struggling to see which transactions are my energy bill because there are so many!

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Hi @nisaver - we don’t have a search feature yet, but you can filter your bills for example (if you tap on ‘Your Bills’ then tap on ‘All Bills’ (top right of screen). From there you can filter by amount, date, price or A-Z for example.

If you know the merchant then you can also use our ‘Spend Analysis’ screens to look at all spending by merchant.

Alternatively drop us a line at and we will help you first the information you need?


Is the facility to search (or even filter) merchants on the Snoop roadmap? This would be extremely useful when categorising transactions. For example, when setting up custom categories, on the ‘Select Transactions’ screen, you are presented with two options for adding transactions, ‘By individual transaction’ or ‘By merchants’; neither of these lists provides a search/filter facility. Having this would be very beneficial.
As a work around I am currently exiting the ‘Custom categories’ screen, navigating to ‘Home’ and using the ‘Transaction search’ there to get an idea of the merchant name or transaction name. Sometimes these are easy to find in the ‘Custom categories’ lists other times not, and searching is essential, and at present a manual process.
As another workaround I have also started to use the iPhone app and Web App in tandem (or two phones) to get around the problem; one for searching and the other for executing; not very efficient. Not having this search facility is most problematic when going through the initial setup.

A seperate issue that has just come to mind is the frustration I find when on the ‘Select Transactions’ or ‘Select Merchant window’, if you scroll off of the top of the list with a strong swipe it takes you back to the ‘Manage Custom Categories’ screen. Its annoying, if I wanted to go back I would use the back button :slight_smile: :joy:
Thanks, Snoop team, great product! I will post a review.

Hi @Geebea - another route you might find useful, you can get a view of spending my merchant in the ‘your spending’ screen. By default this shows you the category view… you can tab over to ‘by merchant’ and it will start off in the current period, but you can change the date filter to ‘Custom’ which will show you all transactions for all merchants.

Does that make it easier?