Better transaction search

Can we get better transaction history, search and recategorisation features, please? Similar to Moneyhub or MoneyDashboard.

For example, selecting multiple transactions and recategorise them instead of just 1 or all.

Also, my salary and work cafe both have the same name so both appear as income. Would be useful to categorise incoming and outgoing transactions differently.

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Hi @Draugluin89 we are already working on a new feature that will resolve the income categorisation point. Look out for news in May on this.

Transaction search is certainly on our list - but we are not working on this just yet.


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+1 for better transaction search! I look forward to using this in the future when it gets rolled out!


+1 for better search, I am trying to search for a specific transaction by description (name of the person who transferred me some money) some time around 6 months ago and can’t seem to easily be able to just type his name to search anywhere

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