Edit Transactions


Firstly, i think this is fab app w/ great potential for growth and whilst for me it doesn’t replace Yolt (RIP) it serves a great purpose in providing me with a financial insight.

I seem to have numerous similar transactions which i can’t seem to merge together similarly the app doesn’t recognise my salary as an income and subsequently I’m having to change this every month.

Is there a time frame as to when it would be possible to modify the detail’s and make notes.

Hi there @Ashley_Simmz - thanks for your support! We were big fans of Yolt so we do appreciate you giving Snoop a try :blush:

From your description it sounds like your transactions may need to be linked together in the app. This is needed for transactions such as person to person payments or bank transfers (for example) where no ‘merchant’ is associated. You can give this a go by tapping into one of the transactions you’re describing and tapping ‘Link similar transactions’.

But if that doesn’t work or you can’t see the option, please do drop us a line at hello@snoop.app and we’ll be happy to take a look for you.

We do have the feature to allow users to add notes to transactions on our list but it won’t be in the app in the short term I’m afraid. We’ll log your vote for this though and we’re constantly reprioritising so this will come for sure.