Linking Similar Transactions

I’ve been trying to get the app to recognise my payments to my electricity provider which I pay on receipt of bill. When it doesn’t find it, the app advises I can link similar transactions by going into the details of the transaction and tapping ‘Link Similar Transactions’ but no option of this exists on my transaction page. Any ideas?

Likewise I have two payments go that out for my phone and I’m not sure how to get them both to come up under the ‘Mobile’ tab under bills? Likewise I can’t link the transactions and they’re all coming up under 5 different bill tabs at the moment. All for one phone payment though.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @ToriP02 - the option to ‘link together transactions’ is sometimes needed for things like Rent payments which are paid by standing order (bank transfers) and hence we can’t spot the merchant you are paying in some of these cases. If that button is not there - it means we’ve already got those transactions linked together and against a merchant.

The reason this one is not appearing as a bill is normally because the pattern is not ‘regular’. We look for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payments but if you are paying on a more adhoc basis we can certainly get that one added to your list of bills manually.

When you are seeing multiple bills for the same bill, it’s because our AI can spot multiple different patterns and thinks you may be paying more than bill to the same place (which is common for things like mobile phone or TV service providers like NowTV).

Just send us an email from the app and we will get these all sorted for you.



Hello @paul_k,

Would it be possible to link transactions based on the payment reference?

Based on your description of the linking process above, a significant number of the payments I make each month appear to be ad-hoc and so I’m unable to link them in Snoop at the moment. However, the payment reference is always the same for each specific payee (eg a client account number). Certain well-known bookkeeping applications use reference matching to auto-reconcile transactions and it generally works very well.

Hi @Martin - we only get one main description field on the bank transaction and that is what we use for all things. So if we can spot a merchant name in that - we would normally use that first.

If it’s a bank transfer / standing order type transaction and we can’t see the obvious merchant, then we leave these as ‘unlinked’ and the action I describe above is then possible in the app.

Depending on exactly what that description / payee reference is, we take different actions. We can normally always setup rules to handle transaction patterns and match them to a single record if necessary. So, feel free to drop us a line from the app - tap on a transaction that is not showing correctly and find the option that says ‘Something Not Right’ and it will open an email with the IDs we need to find the exact transaction you mean. If you could mention on the email to ‘pass this to Paul’ and I’ll take a look at this for you :wink: