Multiple Bills Per Merchant

I am just learning my way around the app before considering the premium version to ensure it works as I need. So far, I have come across a couple of things that I cannot seem to do:

  1. There appears to be no search facility to enable me to quickly search for a transaction by name, merchant, note, amount, etc - is there a way to do this?

  2. I am currently adding my bills, which was working fine. One thing that I was liking, compared to other apps I have used, is the fact that the app was able to auto-detect multiple bills from the same merchant based on their amounts and recurring dates. For example, I have two separate subscriptions from Apple and the app was able to detect the difference and list these bills separately. However, I have now reached a point where I am adding bills manually where the app was unable to auto-detect them. But, in doing so, it will no longer allow me to add multiple bills for a single merchant.

For example, we have two cars in our household so I want to add car tax as a bill for each car. Both of these are payable to DVLA at different months throughout the year. The app will allow me to set this up for the first car, but when I try and set this up for the second car, it won’t let me as it says I already have a bill setup for the DVLA.

This doesn’t make sense as having multiple bills from the same merchant would be a common thing - for example, multiple phone contracts from the same provider, multiple insurance policies from the same insurer, etc. As a second example, I have a handful of different subscriptions that are all paid via PayPal, but the app will only allow me to set up one of these as it then says I already have a bill set up for PayPal as soon as I try to set up a second.

Is there a way that this can be done within the app, as I appear to have now hit a bit of a brick wall? This is the main feature that I have been looking forward to, so as to keep on top of all my bills in one place, but I don’t understand why the app appears to allow this when the bill is auto-detected by the system, but not when we try to add them in manually.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help :grinning:

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Hi @mike_h I’m afraid we don’t have a transaction search feature right now (it’s on our future list), but we absolutely support multiple bills for the same merchant. That’s a very common situation.

What we don’t support is adding multiple ‘manual’ bills for the same merchant - for the simple reason that if our AI has not already identified the pattern, we almost certainly need to adjust some advanced rules behind the scenes to ensure the right patterns are tracked in future. We basically want to ensure any future payments match to the correct bill so that’s why we don’t just allow multiple manual bills.

If you drop us a line from the app - or email directly at and explain the bills that are not currently correct we will get these setup for you.


Hi Paul

Thanks so much for the prompt reply and this makes perfect sense. Glad to hear that it is still doable, so I will drop a line via the app with the details.

Thanks again :grinning: