Resync Bills?

Hi, how do I do a manual resync of the bills page? I’ve recently added a new account and there is no way for me to set up bills from this account since i’ve already gone through the process with one of my previous accounts?

The app has appeared to pick up several transactions for the same merchant on this new account, but they don’t appear in the bills page. Is this an automatic thing? The “payment not listed” screen is not intuitive at all, I shouldn’t need to email you every time I want to add a recurring payment to this screen, you should instead let me select it from a list of my existing payments, especially if the app has already picked them up as recurring payments.

Hi @TheMeq - later in the summer we are launching a new version of the bills feature and that will include the ability to setup new bills from your transactions, if our automatic analysis hasn’t spotted it.

When you add an account we re-run this analysis and it also runs overnight each day. So if your bills are not appearing (or if certainly transactions are not matching to an existing bill), then our AI is not spotting the pattern for these transactions.

Can you tap on the contact us from from the app (so I get your customer ID number etc) - just mention ‘pass to Paul’ in the email and give me an example of a transaction that is wrong and it will get to me. I’ll be able to explain why it didn’t pick it up automatically and fix any problem.