Nothing happening in bills?

I’ve just downloaded the app and connected my accounts. I went to the bills section and it had a show me how button that brings up another screen with 4 tabs. When I tap finish on that it just goes back to the first screen with the show me how button

Hi there @Jaloopa - it can take a few minutes for your regular payments to appear.

I think these will show now in the app if you tap on the ‘Your Bills’ icon at the bottom of the home screen.

Would you mind giving that a go and letting me know if you’re still having trouble?

Many thanks, Cara

i’m having the exact same problem

Hi @gracezimms apologies we had some delays early this morning with our bills analysis.

Everything was back to normal by lunchtime today so I’d expect this to be working for you.

If it isn’t for any reason, please do let us know (drop us line at