Regular payments

Busy night playing with the new update! We use 3 mobile, by coincidence we have 3 phones each of which have their own 3 account. That’s 3’s rules, one number, one account. All bills are paid out of one account.
I was hoping it would spot 3 different regular payments but it doesn’t. Not to bothered about that but they’re different amounts so the up down indicator is irrelevant.

What worries me in the list of all the transactions is a bank transfer in from another account, absolutely nothing to do with 3. The value of the transfer isn’t in the 3 explore summary, I’d certainly notice of it was.

Moving on to something else now :joy:

Hi @ToBAS - I will look into this for you and get back to you.


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Another possible issue with my 3 example, it could highlight 3 every time as a rising regular bill. Two of the payments are around £10 and the third over £20.

Hi @ToBAS so we’ve looked at this example, and the short-answer is that in a couple more months this would automatically split out into 3 separate records. I think you have others where this has already happened?

Our analysis process looks for patterns of transactions with the same merchant. For the company ‘3’, you currently have 10 months of data where your average transaction with them was 1 per month. You have 7 months (more recent months) where you have 3 transactions with them. I think 2 of your phone contracts started later based on the data we see?

The median at the moment is still ‘1’ per month because of this. Hence, at the moment the system is showing them all in one entry.

After a few more months with this consistent spending pattern, it will split out into three entries.



Thanks for taking a detailed look and you’re right, 2 are more recent accounts. Once the median shifts in a few months time, I’m looking forward to seeing them split.

If you’ve mistakenly told Snoop that something isn’t a regular payment but it actually is and you want to be able to put it back on your Regular Payments list, is there a way to do this?

Morning @charlwillis, there’s no way of doing this in the app yet. But if you email into and let us know which payment it is, we can adjust manually for you. thanks :blush:

Thank you @Cara. OK, I will email in with my changes. I assume this is something that will be built into the app in the future?

You’re very welcome. And yes this is certainly something we want to add to the app in future. Partly to help customers correct a mistake as you’ve described, but partly to enable customers to flag a transaction as regular even if our model hasn’t identified it as such. Definitely on the list @charlwillis. thanks!

Thank you @Cara!