Hi there! First of all I love Snoop and think the features are really great. The open banking access is the easiest to use I’ve seen and the snoops are genuinely useful!

I just have two niggles:

  1. When I’m reclassifying a category (such as general) after I reclassify one transaction it goods back to the overview rather than staying in general. Would it be possible to stay in that category?
  2. Snoop doesn’t seem to be learning my categorisation behaviour. I have a transfer I make every couple of days between accounts for budgeting purposes which has the same name but it doesn’t seem to learn that both sides of the transaction should always be an internal transfer. Is there a way to have it learn this?

Very minor niggles but would be great to fix at some point in the future. Thanks!


I found the same problem, a fix was made in the release from yesterday should fix it :slight_smile:

More info here:


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Thanks! I read your thread after I posted actually :slight_smile: I’ll see if it works. Also the issue with it jumping back to the main menu if I’m working in a category. I don’t think that’s been fixed yet.

Hi @Yoeydoodle yes you are describing a different problem to the one we hopefully fixed in yesterday’s release.

  1. This is not something we’ve fixed so far, but I will add it to the list of enhancements

  2. This one we are actively working on. Basically at the moment it’s possible to re-categorise and setup rules for transactions which are linked to known ‘merchants’ (basically companies you spend at). When we know the merchant we can do things like show a total for that company or show a nice logo. It also means we can allow ‘bulk’ category changes as all transactions are grouped together.

For transfers between accounts, these don’t typically get recognised as merchants because of the data we get with these transaction types.

The feature we are delivering very soon (in about 2 weeks if all goes well!) is the ability to link these transactions together if they have the same description. This will mean any category rule can then be applied for future transactions that match this description.

I hope that makes sense - it’s quite complicated to explain!


That sounds great. Thanks Paul.

Just to reiterate I do love the app. It works really well generally :slight_smile:

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