Snoop not recodring the categories

Hey Guys,

On the transactions from Feb I setup all TFL as Transport, but all are showing in the Travel category now. The old ones and the new ones, I just set all again to Transport to verify it.

Also happens with the Hyperotic transaction, I set it to Home & Family in Feb and the March transaction appears in General. I set up to Home & Family and will look at the April one to see if Snoop is learning it.

Any idea about this bug? Can I provide more info?

Hi @brunosmm we did have problems with this earlier last month, but all should have been fixed with our last release that was available on 17th Feb (New Beta Release (v.1.1) + Outage on Monday)

Is it possible the ones which you have spotted are wrong were changed before that day?


Good question,

I will buy lunch in some place I classify last week and check again. I update here once I do it.

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Hi @paul_k,

I changed today all tfl to transport and now it’s all set as travel. So maybe the bug is in the saving and not in the learning. I changed all to transport now, and will check tomorrow to see.
What time you get data from the banks and save to snoop? Maybe this is overriding my category changed…

I made a video of the changing, if you want I can send by email.

Hi @brunosmm if you could send us the video to that would be really helpful.


Hey @paul_k,

Here the link, changing the category this evening:

I just check now and the categories are set as travel and not transport… So something is generating this bug.

Here another video:

Hey Bruno,

thanks for the video! We’re currently are solving a few small issues related to how pending transactions are handled by Snoop. As pending transactions come through very differently from different banks, we’re still working through all the permutations and their associated impacts.

In your example I think that the issue might be related to the fact that you applied your recategorisation rule for TFL to a pending transaction and it therefore didn’t get saved across all transactions (although it looked like it did immediately after you did it).

Could you try and apply the rule from a BOOKED transaction and then let me know if it works after a bank refresh? Any new PENDING transactions will not follow the rule at this time but should then be categorise based on your rule when they become BOOKED.

Thanks again for raising this,


I applied in a tfl transaction from march 3, I let you know later today if all keep the same.
Would be nice adding a field in the tx details to see the status of it.

Hi @Ross,

Even in apply in an old transaction it continues changing to travel category…
Any other ideas?

Hey @brunosmm - sorry for slow reply…trying to get to the bottom of this pesky :bug:

Let me look into it a bit more and will update you ASAP.



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Hey @Ross,

Any update about this?

Hey Bruno,

we think we’ve found the issue and are just working on implementing a fix. Will keep you posted when it will be in your app as would love you to help us with some testing.

thanks again for all of your amazing feedback,


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Hey Paul,

I saw we will have a new update this week, by any chance the fix will be there? With this error is being impossible make the correct assessment of my finances…
If I can provide more info key me know

Hi @brunosmm yes we are implementing a further fix on Thursday. The release notes for this will be posted later today too.

We really hope this fix will resolve the final problems, but thanks very much for your patience with this.


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