Can't change transaction category

On this transaction and some others, the change category button does not work, and I can’t change the category. Is this intentional?


Hey @jamiebally, sorry to hear this. We’ve found a bug this week which means on Android, you’re not able to re-categorise a ‘non-merchant’ transaction (for example paypal, standing orders, bank transfers). We’re fixing this next week, but until then, if you tap on the button at the bottom of the screen in your screen-shot (‘Link Similar Transactions’), then you should be able to go ahead and re-categorise.

Do let me know if you have any problems and sorry again for this not working as intended.



Hi @Cara , I have found that sometimes, the pencil button to edit a transaction is not even present, e.g.

This just happens for random transactions; I can’t figure out any discernible pattern, and it’s a bit annoying. For example, the above co-op transaction can’t be edited, but I have other co-op transactions from a few days ago on the exact same card, which I am able to modify. I don’t understand it, haha.

Could this please be looked into?

For context, I am on an Android 10 device.

Hi @Lora is this a pending transaction by any chance?

We disable the button on pending transactions because the details on the transaction can (and often does) change before it becomes ‘confirmed’.

Let me know if that’s not the case?


You’re right, it’s pending! Thanks for helping me solve the mystery!

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