Some labelling of categories seem to be appearing incorrect. Sainsbury comes up as Transport and despite changing always reverts back. Have seen on others as well.

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Hi Rashad, thanks for your message. We think we have a couple of really annoying bugs in our categorisation engine but are close to fixing them. Would you be able to email us from within the app (from settings or within a transaction) so we can look into your particular example and use it to verify our solution?

Also, was the Sainsbury’s transaction that came up as transport a shop at a petrol station?

Thanks again,


Hi Team Snoop,

On the subject of categorisation, can I suggest an improvement please: at the moment when you go to the list of spend by category, I can click into a category then a merchant and change the category of that merchant. However, once I’ve selected the new category, it takes me back to the list of categories again, and not back into the category I was already in. So at the moment I’m having to recategorise a number of ‘General’ transactions, and when I recategorise something in there, I want to carry on recategorising General items (ie return to that list) not return to the main list of categories again. I know it’s lazy but it’s just too many clicks to have to go back into General (especially when it’s been reordered in the category list as the total has reduced!) Can this be changed please?


Hi @charlwillis,

Thanks for your feedback!

You’ve hit on a really difficult bit of the experience as in order to solve some of the other little bugs we had floating around in categories we had to implement the experience you outlined above (being taken back to the list after you have recategorised a transaction).

The issue is that in order for your recategorisation to show immediately within the app (in the category £ totals etc) we need to take the customer back to a place where the app refreshes its database - the most logical place right now is unfortunately back to the category list screen.

I totally agree with your feedback though and think we need to try a bit harder to see if we can make the experience better. We’ve got a lot going on right now but I’ll add this to the list and let you know when we get to it.

Thanks again for all of your help building and improving Snoop,


Thank you Ross!

It’s most definitely not the end of the world and appreciate you’ve got more important things to do at the moment. Thanks for getting back to me and stay well everyone!


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Random one this morning. I have one transaction from earlier this week which was a bank transfer. It’s been automatically categorised as ‘Finances’ and I wanted to change it to ‘Transfers’. But I can’t seem to. The little pen icon is there but no amount of clicking does anything. The little pen click works on all other transactions so not sure why this one doesn’t work? Will keep an eye out to see if I come across any others I can’t seem to edit too.

Hi @charlwillis sorry this is a little bug that has snuck into the Android only version of the app last week.

It’s only impacting the pencil icon on transactions where a merchant is not known (when you see our new ‘linking’ feature).

We are not waiting for our next main release to get this resolved. We’ve actually already fixed it and we submitted an updated app to the Google Play store for approval. We hope it will be available to download in the next 48 hours once they have approved this.

Really sorry this one slipped through the net.

No problem! Thanks!


I’m now not able to change most of my categories! Did the fix get released for Android or is it still on its way? I’m getting the issue even for known merchants now too. :thinking:


Sorry @charlwillis, a bug we previously fixed managed to sneak back in for Android users.

We’ve fixed this again now. We have released a new version of the app this evening so when you get this, everything should be working again. Plus there are some some new features of course: Next Release - Version 2.3 - Thursday 28th May

It’s rolling out to the play store as I type this, so hopefully in the morning all will be well again.

Sorry about this. We will be keeping a close eye to ensure it doesn’t come back! :beetle:

Thanks @paul_k!

When is the ‘Total Spend’ number from? Can you add a date to that page help give it context? For example I know I’m spending a lot of Amazon at the moment and whilst it’s useful for Snoop to tell me how much the cumulative number is, I don’t know when that is since?

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Morning @charlwillis,

Hope you had a great weekend.

The time period of the spend stats differ from bank to bank (as some provide different time periods of data when you connect them with snoop), but generally they are about 2 years.

We’re planning a little enhancement on that screen to let you know the date of the first transaction so the duration for that merchant is really clear.



Thanks Ross! That’ll be very useful!