Notes on transactions

Would be very useful to have a note feature on individual transactions. The custom category feature is great, but sometimes it would be good to be able to private notes to single transactions just to mark what they were for etc.


Great idea @cathyt - I would also like this!

We’ve got no firm plans to add this particular feature yet but following your feedback we’re going to chat about it again for sure and we’ll see what we can do.

Appreciate you raising it :slight_smile:

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+1 for this. I regularly have to add notes in my native banking apps for merchants (or payment intermediaries) where the transaction information doesn’t help me in remembering what it was actually for!

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It’s pretty shocking that most banking apps don’t have this feature already so it would be a fantastic addition to the Snoop feature set.

I’ve been using the transaction note feature in the Chase app. It’s very quick and easy to use and especially useful on holiday to tag transactions made at merchants with unfamiliar names.

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Great suggestion. This would help categorise cash withdrawals too. I hope to see this feature in Snoop. I am a new user and love the app but this will add so much more!

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Thanks for your comments all!

I’ve just heard from a very reliable Snoop source, that this feature will be coming soon :tada: