Transaction notes and budgets

Hi there!

Just recently downloaded Snoop and I love the simple clean layout. I’ve been using a competitor app but really not a fan of the layout and very keen to switch over. However, the other app has a few functionalities that Snoop doesn’t that’s keeping me from making the switch, namely:

  • Option to add notes to transactions so I can keep track of what they were for
  • A budgeting function to set budgets for each spending category on a monthly basis, and track how my spending matches up with the budgets

From reading other posts on the forum I can imagine your roadmap for the year is super busy but if you would consider these features it would be a huge gamechanger and I would most definitely switch over. Thanks!


Thanks for the great feedback @hb16

I’ve shared this with our whole team and we will certainly take this into account as we flesh out the plans for the rest of the year. We don’t have any firm plans yet for the two things you mention, but as I’m sure you can imagine we’ve certainly had feedback in these areas before.


I agree with budgets. Would be great to put budgets against categories to track spend. It’s fantastic to see what I’ve spent on what and consolidate my categories down, but I’d like to take that to the next stage and track against a budget plan without having to download and do that in a spreadsheet. I have got round this by creating custom categories and putting my budget in the title for now. Not ideal, but the best I can do.

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Makes loads of sense @zcos - thanks for your thoughts. We’ll definitely be talking about the next step for budgeting so your comments will be fed into that conversation.

Appreciate it!