Edit transaction date / Split transactions

Hi, I would like to be able to edit the dates on transactions. My use case is as follows:

The mortgage/rent payments come out of my account and my partners pays their share into mine. Sometimes their payment comes before or past the pay-cycle I have set in Snoop and so one month I register 2 payments from them and the next none. This skews my budgets and spending.

On top of that, they usually pay other regular bits alongside rent/mortgage and so not the whole payment belongs to the Rent/Mortgage category. This is not as important to me but I would like to be able to split a transaction into 2 or more smaller ones and give each a category.

Thanks for this amazing tool you’ve created Snoop team!

Thanks @snooperman

We currently just use the dates the bank give us but we have had feedback about situations like the one you describe.

We’ve also had feedback about being able to split transactions (like here for example Category splits)

Both of these ideas are on our wish list for future.


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Hi Paul, I was about to ask for an update on transaction splitting as this is for me, and I gather for many others as well, the biggest cause of spend inaccuracy using Snoop. I thought you said a while ago this feature was due imminently but it now sounds less certain. Can you provide any more clarity please?

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Hi @freddyq, no I didn’t say this was imminent. You asked about a public roadmap back in October in relation to this feature (Category splits - #13 by UzziTheOne) and I mentioned we don’t publish a public roadmap and it’s not something I can give a timescale on.

As I’ve posted in the other thread - this is absolutely in our list of features that we’d like to work on… but it’s not something we are working on at the moment.

We have several new features coming in January - one of the ones that is frequently requested is Data Export. Another is one that we haven’t revealed yet but we will announce this next month.


Data export is what I am most looking forward to.

I have a “work around” on split categories. I do a lump sum transfer to an offline account then do, say 5 payments back in to my online current account, and put each one into its correct category.Bit of a pain, but I suspect splitting bills will happen in 2024, fingers crossed.