Rules for transaction identification

I’ve just started using the app and it has some nice features. But there is so much missing. We need to be able to set rules for transaction identification. As an example, I have a joint account where my mortgage is paid from and a personal account where I contribute to our mortgage payments. Snoop identifies both of these transactions as mortgage payments and will not let me separate them. All I’d need to be able to do is to say “Transactions identified from account 1 are top-up transactions and transactions from account 2 are mortgage payments”. A slight amendment to the logic that has been derived. But I can’t seem to be able to do this. Maybe an additional rules option on top of the AI features would allow them to be tweaked appropriately.


Thanks for the feedback @Rilhia - really useful.

We appreciate you giving Snoop and try. And rest assured we know we’re not even nearly ‘done’ yet so there are many areas of Snoop that you’ll see building out over the next few months - user driven rules which can apply to regular payments, for example.

If you could get in touch at we’ll happily check out your mortgage transactions and see what we can do to present them in the way you’d like.

Many thanks and hope you have a lovely bank holiday :slight_smile:


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